Hunter Rose Sleepwear ♡ wake up in comfort, feeling beautiful.

Seoul was great!
And yes I will attend to my trip posts soon. 

There's just too many beautiful pictures of South Korea I have to skim through.

But till then, here's some pictures of comfortable sleepwear from Hunter Rose.

This beautiful piece is called Andie's Playsuit and it's made from cotton.
Perfect for warm summer nights, I could actually walk around outside with it as it looks like a playsuit :p

And then there's Kara T-Shirt Dress which I am super in love with!
Made of viscose, which is also known as "faux silk" explains majorly why I am so in love with this piece. Not only it is uber comfortable, but it's soft and smooth texture puts me at ease the minute I have this on. By the way, who doesn't loves waking up in something that looks like a BF Shirt? :p

For more info and to shop, check out Hunter Rose here :



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