Tribute to mother's by MRCB ♡ my own story.

My mom is everything to me. She amazes me, she wonders me and best of all she cares for me with all her heart and gives me everything she can. 

Growing up next to this wonder woman who never let me out of her sight, I got to see first-handedly how hard working my mom is. Starting her own business with my dad, both of them worked tirelessly day and night just to make ends meet. No matter how busy she was, that didn't stop her from giving me and my sister the best she care she could; with a schedule so hectic and tight, she still managed to take care of me 24/7, cooks and cleans and still send me to school and look after me. 

I was really young when times were tough, I do remember sleeping at her office, or nights at my nanny’s place, but never anything too harsh, I was always a happy kid and contented with what I had. When I was older, I realized that my mom protected me and showered me with so much love and care hence why growing up felt pleasant. 

I then learnt how to appreciate her and try my best to repay her unconditional love by being the best daughter I can be. Even until now she still loves and cares for me the same, no more and no less but my love for her will always be ever growing as I understand and see the sacrifices and choices she’s made for her family. 

Plus, what’s more admirable than seeing this wonder woman still doing the same things she did for me since I was young and even until now? She could’ve easily taken off in retirement but here she is still making sure there’s food in my belly and everyone gets to come home to a nice clean abode. Other than that, she has always been a great listener and an awesome friend. I always feel way better after confiding in her. My mom is one in a million and I wish she has an awesome Mother’s Day this year!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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