A Day Out Fun In The Sun in Soak Swimwear ♡ BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!

So it's finally my birthday weekend and sadly everyone will know my real age thanks to these huge balloons the boyfriend has gotten me hahaha. 

Nevertheless it was a nice surprise as I walked into the room decorated with these.

Just finished an event earlier in the day, so I was pretty exhausted when I got there and couldn't wait to just chill and relax. We were staying at Doubletree Hilton, Kuala Lumpur for the night. 

Pretty nicely done I would say, everything was up to par or maybe cause we were on the Hilton Honor floor?

Did a quick change and headed down to the swimming pool before the sun set!
Bear in mind that I only got to the hotel at 4pm, I've mostly wasted half a day. But oh wells, a girls gotta hustle!

Ordered my favourite drink, Pina Colada before finding a place to sit and chill.
It was a nice breezy evening, the sun was still up thankfully!

Loving every bit of the design of this piece from Soak Swimwear, ultra chic and reminds me of vintage pin up models with the highwaist bottom and nautical stripes on top. They carry a wide variety of swimwear and my fave picks are their one piece swimsuits! Do check them out :

Since Doubletree Hilton is linked to Intermark, we headed down for some grocery shopping. Well we just wanted snacks and I wanted wine, so it was a good call.

What was supposed to be a simple stop and go trip to the grocery store ended up in a feast.
We bought chips, ham, roasted pork, pancetta, cup noodles, smoked salmon and wine.

Certain to say that my birthday weekend is heading off at a very good start!

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Till then! 



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