✈ NX Traveller | South Korea 2015 (pt. I) ♡ ✈

Hey guys!

As you may know I visited South Korea in April, just in time for Spring and the whole trip was such a blast! Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Korea Tourism Organisation for organising such a knowledgable and fun trip.

We arrived early in the morning as we took a night flight out.
It was a five hour journey from KLIA to Incheon Airport Seoul but it was a nice trip as Korean Air has one of the best services ever!

Took a nap in the bus as I didn't sleep all night, was too caught up watching movies and snacking away. Woke up to a beautiful city and the first place we visited was the temple right opposite where we were staying!

We made it for Cherry Blossoms and they are just too pretty!
When the wind blows and the petals fall off, it looked like snow was falling. Such delicate beautiful flowers that covered pathways with its soft petals.

Couldn't help but to snap a selfie with these flowers. All thanks to the Samsung NEX500 with a flip up AMOLED screen, selfie-ing was so easy! 

The temple was very beautiful and serene with people who were there for prayers or tourist like me just admiring the architecture of everything.

After our brief visit, we headed off for lunch as we couldn't check in yet.

We stayed in Gangnam and getting around by foot was a breeze as the walkways around COEX was broad. Tall buildings surrounded us everywhere but it was mainly a business district. There were still ample amount of eateries and restaurants so finding a place to eat wasn't difficult, plus COEX Mall was just below. 

We had sanma fish, seaweed and side dishes for lunch. The seaweed was fresh and certainly a unique treat for me as I wouldn't get this in KL easily. The fish was tender and meaty. It was a lovely lunch and I finished it all although I was slowly falling asleep due to my lack of rest on the plane (me and my movie time, lol).

We then proceeded back to our hotel. We were staying at Intercontinental COEX that night.

A very eccentric decor with flooring that resembled fake grass and wall paper of trees. Quite fitting since it was facing the temple. The room was spacious and bed comfy!

I couldn't nap so I headed downstairs right infront of the hotel for an outfit of the day shoot.

Scarf from H&M
Shoes from Lipstik
Outerwear from Zara

Eyewear from Gentlemonster
Watch from Klasse14

Went back to my room after that to freshen up before dinner and briefing.
Got to meet my team mates and was told a bit about South Korea and the places we'll be visiting during our one week trip. Was super excited and I can't wait to share them with you guys so stay tune!

Till then, x.


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