#OOTD : Angel of Greed | Birthday Dinner


The boyfriend took me for my birthday dinner last night and since it was a special occasion I had to put on my best suit ;)

Dressed in Angel Of Greed's Lemon Lime Loaded Neoprene Top , which doubles as a occasion wear top or even swimsuit. It's unique and I love to be a tad more colourful (than my usual black and white) since it's my birthday! Big fan of body hugging pieces, so this was my top choice.

So I opted for some Japanese food cause it's been a while and a nice bottle of sake to pair with the food.

We had some sushi, sashimi and rice bowls.
The uni wasn't as fresh as I hoped for, which was a bit of a let down.

We then had Frozen Strawberries filled with Cream for desserts while enjoying every bit of sake left before heading off to our movie. Was choosing between SPY and San Andreas and went with the latter as, well, what's better than watching the world end on your birthday lol, I'm kidding. I was looking for something more exciting that's why.

More pictures of my outfit :

Top from Angel of Greed
Leggings from Zara
Shoes from H&M
Clutch from Miu Miu

Cuff from H&M
Earrings from Chanel

Had my hair slicked back on one side too, I somehow have fallen in love with this slicked back do and have been doing it for a few days. It keeps all the small strands of hair away from my face! Haha.

Angel of GREED is a women’s designer swimwear & resort wear label, dedicated to the distinctive and elegant. The label is made & designed in Bali and Australia, where the two designers, Mary-Alice Gaskin and Michelle Lochner whose contrasting styles come together to create blazing designs that push the boundaries! 

Launched in 2013. Each of the designs are carefully considered and altered by both Mary-Alice and Michelle till the designs are considered as a part of the collection. Each garment is a combination of both designers’ very different styles and personalities. Angel of GREED is a label, which prides itself in being unique, of limited edition and trend setting. Contrasting textiles that are raw, yet classic. The designs draw inspiration from all areas of life, land and sea.

For more info :


p/s : San Andreas was a good movie! Enjoyed myself! And thanks for the birthday wishes peeps! Love y'all xx.


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Looking great! You're super pretty <3


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