Launch of Casio EX-ZR3500 ♡

I was honoured to be invited to Casio's grand launch of their new EX ZR 3500 Camera at Thursdvys in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail recently. It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and also test out the new gadget.

 The new EX-ZR3500 is the latest addition to its EXILIM family of digital cameras! This new version of the ZR series comes with Make-up Plus mode and a 1/1.7-inch sensor to enhance the quality of self-portraits! (yay to more selfies).

Before we entered the venue we were busy taking some selfie's and wefie's.
I love how it was so easy and simple!

Just like the EX-TR50 which is a highly noticeable self-portrait camera, the new EX-ZR3500 is equipped with a 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor! Meaning a bigger surface for receiving more light from the lens, hence clearer and sharper pictures.

After proceeding into the venue, we were given a brief introduction by Mr Sezai an Mr Nelson  of Casio Malaysia about the new upgraded features of the ZR3500.

Then the brand ambassador DJ Vera, also gave her thoughts about the camera and shared pictures of hers with us. She then explained the mode and functions she enjoyed plus the filters she used with the camera while taking pictures for her event nights and vacations.

The EX ZR3500 enables sharper imaging in dark locations and when using burst shooting! (can't wait to try this) and it also features Make-up Plus mode, which allows users to create more attractive photos with outstanding resolution, making it look more real than fake. 

On top of adjusting the color and smoothness of skin while viewing an image, Make-up Plus mode can capture each and every eyelash and hair, while reproducing more natural skin texture thanks to the reduced visual noise made possible by the bigger sensor. In addition, the EX-ZR3500 boasts features optimal for taking self-portraits, including a Front Shutter which is convenient for taking vertical self-portraits and a tilt-type LCD which enables the angle of the shot to be checked while composing a self-portrait.

Attendees all paying attention to the specifications of the camera.
From social influencers to bloggers, everyone was pretty interested with its new features!

After the introduction and such we got a chance to test out the camera.
It is really compact and the colours were definitely a plus point! ;)
The ZR3500 is a good camera for the lady on the go as it pretty much allows you to take your own pictures without the help of anyone but by just downloading the app and using the remote shutter, other than that of course the whole selfie mode and the best part is that it would fit into most clutches!

Jiayeen and I trying out the camera

Casio Malaysia's ambassador DJ Vera showing us how it's done!

Jenny (on my left) was definitely excited about the fact that you can adjust the color and smoothness of skin while viewing an image! Also that, the Make-up Plus mode can capture each and every eyelash and hair, while reproducing more natural skin texture thanks to the reduced visual noise made possible by the large sensor.

I enjoyed the tilt-type LCD and Front Shutter which made selfies so much easier!
The tilt-type LCD flips up 180 degrees, allowing users to check the angle of the shot while composing a self-portrait. The Front Shutter makes it easy to enjoy taking vertical self-portraits and group photos.

There is also a Motion Shutter for hands-free capture from a distance! Perfect for wefies.
The Motion Shutter mode lets users activate the shutter timer by waving a hand in front of the camera. This enables self-portraits with free and flexible poses.

Also, even when the camera power is turned off, the wireless smartphone connection is maintained using Bluetooth® Smart. This enables the user to start up the camera from a smartphone, view the images stored in the camera, and even copy them to the phone.

With the EX-ZR3500, Casio is offering customers a new way to connect camera and smartphone. It provides the outstanding shooting capabilities of a camera, together with the ease of smartphone image sharing. This new camera from Casio is another great advancement in the evolution of visual communication to fit today's lifestyles.

As you can see we were transferring our selfies on the spot by just a click!
How simple is that? And that we were able to upload them on this  Photo-sharing app called Scene which is developed and supplied by Ripplex Inc., this application enables the user to enjoy photos on a smartphone. 

We then enjoyed some sweet treats and yummy food with a selection of refreshments while some of us were playing and exploring the camera.

While chilling around, we submitted our pictures in order to stand a chance to win our very own unit of the ZR3500! So we waited around for the announcement of the lucky draws and wondered which three lucky girls would walk away with a new EX-ZR3500 camera of their own!


Before we all said goodbye, we had a group picture moment.

It was a fun session with the girls of MHB as we took a whole lot of selfies while catching up!

You can get more info about the camera here :

The new Casio EX-ZR3500 priced at RM1699.

Look out for my review of the camera coming soon!

Thank you Casio for having me!


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