Samurai Wifi // Perth 2015 Winter

Hey guys!
As you may know I did a quick trip to the land down under last month to the city of Perth.

It was rather spontaneous after I got back from Korea but why not?

I was so happy to embrace the cold weather and delicious food that awaits!

We took a night flight out and arrived on a beautiful sunny morning.
It was a pleasant flight and we were greeted at the hotel by Erin haha. 

First thing I did after touching down was switching on my personal pocket wifi by Samurai Wifi. As my job takes up a lot of social media updates on so on, it's great having a pocket wifi with me everytime I travel. I can't imagine heading anywhere without a data connection!

A pocket wifi is now my must-have whenever I am traveling!
Saves me so much time from registering for a sim card or looking for wifi hotspots.
All I had to do was, safely land at my destination, Switch on and Connect!

This Pocket Wifi allows me to personal hotspot and share up to 10 wifi-pairable-device.
Which is a breeze to friends and family traveling with me, we all save on cost and also so much time!

I was able to post a few updates on my social media sites, especially Instagram.
You might have spotted some of these pictures up there too :

And being a fashion blogger, I could post all my #OOTDs on the go!

Also, all my foodie pics!

As you can see my sister couldn't just get off her phone and was constantly on it. Especially when she could save on to her data!

Samurai Wifi's pocket wifi saves me time and effort hunting for wifi hotspots and local simcards, it also saves my phone battery and protects it from sharing hotspot from others which will heat up the phone battery and causes damage.
All I had to do was switch on and connect! There's also no security deposit.

This is why I choose Samurai Wifi, quick and fast. Perfect for a fuss free vacation.

We spent a total of five days and four nights staying in Crown Metropol Perth.
It was the perfect short getaway, just like old times.

For more info about Samurai Wifi :


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