Zouk 2015 ♡ Lights Out

So after a few years of partying in Zouk, it's finally time to say bye bye to the usual ol' playground.
Well there's two parts to the closing but Mainroom and Phuture was the first to go and I still remember the first time I stepped inside Zouk. I felt intimidated but amazed at the same time. 

Ever then still, I love this place and it will always feel like home hahaha. I have no idea if the new Zouk will ever feel like that but I bet it will never beat the memories and epic times I had at this one.

So almost the whole world was at Zouk that night. 
I didn't get to say hello to everyone but of course I was hanging out with the usual crew.

Started back in 2006 and still going in 2015.
I love these girls although not everyone is in the picture. They've taken so much care of me since I was young and naive and they're still around up until now. Although I don't see them as often as I hoped, I know that they'll always be there :)

With more guuurlfwens.
I swear we all get freaking hilarious throughout the night!

From shots, to burning our hair sipping Flaming Lambos and to more shots and down from the bottle.
It was a crazy night!

Of course more and more people came, like how throughout the years Zouk was like.
People coming and going.

Tonight was just a wee bit close to the heart.
It was when I started listening to EDM when I just attended the first LOUD. Although we were partying every Thursday for 4Play. How has time passed!

Spot the photobomber. That's one epic photobomb hahah.

More mischief ensued while we all had more laughters and a good time.
I swear the drinks never stopped and I was probably on a good 10 different types of alcohol by then.

Surprisingly wasn't drunk! 

Then it got a tad bit crazier.

Behind console gang.

Sadly we totally forgotten to take a memorable group pic for the last night.
But I surely have tons of it in my albums.

What a streak Zouk!

Can't wait to check out the new area.

Till then, x!



Nick said…
awesome party there! :D

Henry Lee said…
So wow! Much fun! Hehe... Missing this place! Uhuhu
stephiielim said…
it was! gonna miss this place ;)

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