✈ Korea Summer 2015 ♡ Ultra Music Festival Day Two ✈

Woke up feeling a bit lethargic from two nights of partying and one day of raving.
I think I would normally feel dead by the third day however it was Ultra! How could I be? Hahah.

We left the hotel earlier today and met up for lunch at a BBQ place behind our hotel. Oh and we stayed at Aloft Gangnam cause it was nearer to Jamsil Stadium/Olympic Park.

And after having such a heavy meal I felt sleepy but still pumped! Haha.

I had my Nike's on today as my previous day sneaker was to flat and was causing my feet to hurt. But my Nike's ended up so dirty by nightfall lol. Plus it was white.

While waiting for everyone else to arrive we decided to take some pictures outside the stadium with the huge sign just for memories.

He was decked out in jeans, Nikes and Marcelo Burlon and I was like dude, you heading to a club or what? His defence was that the locals really dressed up for the raves and I actually did notice that during the first day, so oh wells. I was more on comfort than style on the second day haha.

But I definitely did not leave out my tutu!
My second day tutu was fluffier and cute haha as it is meant for rave wear.

You can check out my Instagram for videos and updates you probably won't see here about my trip to Korea and the rave :

For some reason, more friends attended day two then day one.
I wonder where were day the day before then haha.

Epic picture is epic.
Got him to carry me up only ending up kicking the guy behind us on the head.

Hence the reaction as I was apologizing non stop for my blunder while the boyf just went on carrying me lol.

I felt so bad, sorry guy in colourful tee!

Today was a tad bit gloomy but it was gonna be a hectic one as I definitely did not want to catch some of the acts on Mainstage and had to plan my schedule.

We were quite tipsy even before the sun set.

I guess the alcohol in our system from the day before hasn't flushed out yet.

Even though we were pretty tipsy, we weren't as rowdy as yesterday as most of us was dying from the lack of energy hah. 

Malaysian flag proud and high!

I have no idea how or why, was pretty tipsy. I made friends with beautiful girls from Japan to.. I have no idea where they were from haha.

We manage to catch Quintino and Knife Party before running off to the Live Stage to watch Snoop Dogg. Omg thank god for not missing him!

He was so entertaining. Belting out hits from the past and some from his Snoop Lion phase lol.
Good to see his back to his old style.

Headed back to the Mainstage just cause they wanted to see Guetta although I really just wanted to stay at the Live Stage I needed some shots so I happily obliged. 

Layan-ed Guetta for a bit and then it was off to Galantis at the Live Stage. I didn't wait for anyone as when I asked nobody seemed keen until they regretted later hahaha. Galantis was so so good. SO damn bloody good I was so satisfied! 

After the rave we headed out in a huge group. Hoping to hop onto a cab to a restaurant or something but the road we ended up on was deserted! The cabs which passed by definitely didn't want to give us a lift. So the minute we spotted a bus we just hopped on. We had no idea where we were going and definitely didn't speak Korean! 

Laughed all the way to a brightly lit place and Louis was like "Guys. here looks good! Let's get down". And all of us happily got off the bus thinking there would be food till he said "Oh shiz, it's just a 7/11, there's another bus coming! Hop on it!". It was an epic trip I swear, we were all starving but laughing so loud at everything that was going on. We finally found a food street and how we decided to jump off the bus was because, there was tons of people walking around haha.

It wasn't a bad choice as we ended up at this place!

I was glad as the boyf gets to try some of the night food like I did the last time around. Sadly I had no clue where were we as I didn't get to spend as much time in Seoul the last time I was here.

We ended up at a BBQ Place and ordered way more than we could devour.
Plus it was super hilarious as we were like the only bunch of tourists!
Thank god the waiters could speak english or else .. we would've ordered stuff we didn't like haha. 

It was a satisfying dinner and after that we headed off to.. Octagon
Yes, again, third night in a row! Lol.
Of course there were other clubs like Ellui and such (which we found out on the last day was just beside our Aloft Hotel) but we kept ending up here as everyone was there!

The minute we stepped in it was glasses of champagne over and over.
So many bottles non stop I freaked out. I hated champagne however they were serving my fave Perrier Jouet! So I had a few glasses before retreading to candid pics of everyone.

Till I spotted a bottle of whisky haha.

The mess of food, alcohol and whatever else.
Spotted Knife Party and apparently Skrillex made an appearance too. 

It was a crazy night and we left about 4am although the club is open until 6am.
Our body could not do any more drinking after two days of raving and three nights of partying!

We finally got home and quickly packed, bathed and all that needs to be done before the sun came up as we'll be moving to Myeongdong area after that.

Stay tune to my other posts to see what we were up to!

Till then, x.


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