#OOTD : Mischa ♡

Perth was wonderful as many of you know by now my trip down to Australia earlier last month.
Loved the cold weather. And since it was rather spontaneous I had no time to pack!

Luckily I had my duffle bag from Mischa!
All I had to do was throw my necessities inside and I was set to go.
best part was that it is cabin size friendly.

Plus the adjustable strap made it easy to carry it around.
I could sling it or just lug it around my arm.

The design is classy with a touch of simplicity.
Perfect if you're fashion savvy and would love to look posh while jetsetting round the globe.
Oh and did I mention you can personalise it too?

I had my initials printed on it.
so that was a major plus point for me.

The compartments in it was another plus point especially when you're traveling and you have your tiny necessities to carry with you onboard. I always have to have my face mist, lip balm, iPad mini and such. I hate it when it's a huge bag with no compartments. 

To read more bout my trip click HERE.

For more info about Mischa :


Anonymous said…
I love your style Stephanie! Casual, stylish yet comfy! And you're uber pretty too :)
George SSF said…
The photos are so nice! You look pretty and gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing.
stephiielim said…
thank you Anonymous!
stephiielim said…
Hi George,

Thanks! :)
Aly said…
Hi Stephanie, I love your style, especially the way you put things together! Super pretty yet feminine. You're one of my style favourites :)

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