NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash

As I always say to my friends, I lead a very hectic lifestyle. Juggling an office job and keeping up with my blogging, attending various events, and trying to have a social life, I get pretty burned out at times. One thing I really appreciate is my alone time after a crazy hectic day!

I love to travel, head to the gym, and hang out with my buddies but there are times where I just like to stay home and have my ‘me’ time.  Every time I get my alone time, I treasure it so much! Hehe! When I finally have the time to de-stress, I would be indulging in a good book, house music in the background tucked in my comfy bed and a good cup of NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash next to me!  

As a non-hardcore coffee drinker like me, NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash is the perfect cup of coffee for me as its coffee beans are decaf, which helps to reduce effects such as heart palpitation and headache, meaning I can drink it any time of the day! As I’m sure most of you coffee drinkers know, caffeine takes roughly eight (8) hours to exit the system which means that if you drink after 4pm or 5pm in the evening, you might still be feeling the effects at night when you’re trying to sleep.
Some of you might say – oh coffee has no effect on me. Actually you might not notice it and you actually go to sleep but your brain is still awake, meaning you don’t go into a deep sleep and wake up fully refreshed the next morning as compared to when you don’t consume any caffeine. 

Malaysia is the first country in the world to launch the new NESCAFÉ’s Mountain Wash. NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash is a perfect cup of caffeine-free coffee (de-caf) without compromising the rich taste, catered to satisfy coffee lovers anytime and anywhere. 

As a world leader in coffee manufacturing, NESCAFÉ continues to strengthen its belief that quality and taste of coffee should not be compromised for the total consumer experience. In this day and age, consumers are more educated and aware of what they want and the variety of options they are offered for their enjoyment. 

The wonderful secret behind NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash is a result of 100% water decaffeinated beans! 
What is that you ask? 

NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash is soaked in the waters from the Tri-An Mountains of Vietnam for long hours that gently removes the caffeine from each coffee bean. This unique coffee is grown in a sub-tropical climate that provides the optimal environment for cultivation, with alternating wet and dry seasons. 

It is grown at a high altitude, and its beans are soaked in pure mountain waters to remove the caffeine while maintaining the bean’s signature flavor and aroma! This creates a great-tasting coffee that is 99.9% decaffeinated while delivering a well-rounded, smooth and slightly floral coffee flavour. Yums!

Here are the factors that give the coffee its taste and quality:
i. Altitude – Located in the Vietnamese mountains, the coffee bean benefits from the right amount of sunlight to release a dense and concentrated coffee flavour
ii. Climate – Alternating wet and dry seasons provide an ideal cultivating environment for naturally ripened coffee cherries 
iii. Water – Inspired from local traditions, farmers spend long hours soaking the coffee beans in pure water to gently remove the caffeine while maintaining the bean’s signature flavour 

The end result of the above is NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash which gives an aromatically strong, bold and well-rounded coffee taste, with a lovely floral note – definitely a great option to de-stress if you ask me!  Now I can drink coffee anytime of the day. Now, my love for coffee just grew stronger! 

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