Electric Family ♡

Electric Family are infamous for their bracelets and clothing but the real goal of this company is to raise the collective social consciousness of every person who enjoys the life and meaning of raving and music. #PLUR has been emerging with ravers and music goers alike who enjoys the EDM scene. It is time for us, as humans, to embrace our differences rather than fight over them. It is each person’s birthright to experience a high quality of life and the only way to make this a reality is by uniting together as one. 

Wearing Electric Family™ supports these ideas and is a way for EDM fans to identify with each other in everyday life.

Wearing Electric Family cropped top! ♡

With DJ Goldfish at Above and Beyond.

The Electric Family Bracelet™ was created to recognize one another in everyday life and represents our special bond. It is symbolic of the love and support there is for the community and most importantly each other. 

By purchasing these bracelets will strengthen future generations by donating a portion of the sales to various charities that work towards preserving our environment, protecting our animals, enabling children in third world countries the opportunity to learn, and searching for cures to some of the worlds worst diseases.

Some pictures of the bracelets and DJs that are a part of Electric Family Bracelet™:


Nicky Romero.

Gareth Emery.

Dash Berlin.

Aren't they just so cool?

And I got some cropped tops too along with it.

Plus I rocked it at Ultra Music Beach Bali!

Every artist bracelet purchased benefits one of the many charities we work with. We encourage our artists to pick a charity they feel a deep connection with so that there is passion behind the project. Our goal is to create a close relationship between our artists and their charities so that we can spread the charities message to as many people as possible. We are beginning to host artist meet-n-greets at local food drives to encourage our fans to get out of their houses and get involved. 

Electronic music is the most downloaded genre of music in the world, making the people behind this music a powerful force to positively influence our communities. This is our opportunity to prove the potent impact we can have on our society as a whole by coming together.

However, at Electric Family we are not limiting ourselves to one type of music genre. We promise you that we will continue to partner with artists from different types of music in order to spread our message to countless communities around the world.

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