Givenchy Le Rouge-À-Porter ♡

Attended the launch of the new lipstick from Givenchy.
Was pretty stoked as I've never owned or tried any Givenchy products before except for their perfumes and bags haha. 

So we got to try the Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter lipstick! 
It was love at first sight, the packaging was so simplistic stylish and best part is that it is so compact which is perfect us girls to carry around anywhere. Plus the cover is made of genuine leather! mm the poshness of it all. 

I was given a make over session by the make up guru and I opted for the dark red lippie.
Before that I was taught to cover my lips with foundation to provide and also show the pigment of the lipstick although in my honest opinion it is very well pigmented.

Soft brush strokes were used to apply the lipstick.
Especially since of the color I chose it has to be applied with precision and also to give my lips that plumped Kylie Jenner look haha!

What do you think of my lips now?
The lipstick is very moisturising and doesn't dries my lips out. 
I'm all for creamy, balmy lipsticks that don't need a lot of concentration, several brushes and concealer to finish my look. I don't always have the patience and when I do apply lipsticks, I am super conscious of how I'm looking and need to reapply often. Givenchy definitely knows what us girls are looking for and voila! Here it is the Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter. 

Here we are showing our love for our make over!
Nicole opt for something on the pinker side of the color tone palate and I think she looks super sweet in them. These new lipsticks feels hydrating and on top of that my lips look hydrated too - with a beautiful shine to show for it. 
It is also a very fancy daily lipstick (as the name implies: the perfect lipstick to carry with you in your handbag) with this luxurious packaging with matching price tag. If you're fond of little luxuries and balmy lipsticks with a decent amount of colour payoff that you don't need to frantically reapply, you've found a match!

Credit : Nicole
We then got to check out the other products by Givenchy makeup and I am in love!
I am such a sucker for packaging and omg, don't they have the slickest packages? They're all too pretty.

So back to the Le Rouge-À-Porter, it has a unique combination of spheres of hyaluronic acid natural microcrystalline waxes. These moisturising waxes are the reason why this range of lipsticks has a hybrid formula that strikes the perfect balance between the colour of a lipstick and a protective and skincare effect! From the barest nude to the most intense, Le Rouge-À-Porter is available in a total of 16 different shades, so you're bound to find a shade that you'll love! In fact, these colours will match not only all skin tones, but also any style and any dress code. 

Of course, let's not forget about the luxe packaging that also makes Le Rouge-À-Porter the perfect accessory in your makeup bag. Size for comparison.

This lipstick is an ultra-sensorial formula that leaves a luminous and natural color on the lips! Its case made of real leather, is sure to be love at first sight. 

Le Rouge-À-Porter is the ultimate fashion accessory with the benefits of nourishing and hydrating formulas.  

Givenchy's Le Rouge-À-Porter is available in Sephora stores in Malaysia.

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