Here It Goesssss ♡

A simple post as I've not done this for the longest time but here's a little of what I've been up to.
Funniest thing is when I've been hearing so many hilarious stuff about me recently lol! 

So here goes, less captions and just pictures!

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Aiden, myself and Kevin.

Melvin Kim and I.

Kenny my panda and I.

Wengfoong, Melv and I.

Buddy Wesly and I

Cutiepie Weisheng.

Nat and myself. Boobs and Loubs lol.

My gurl Roaxanne and I at Ace, Zouk.

Hello new Zouk!

Jeewei, myself and Jasmine.

Khoo Hoong from Bassagents partying it up!

This is how it goes down! woot.

Vicky, Alexisgrace and myself.


Waidaa, Gabby, Jas and me.

Ernest and Eric.

These two gorg babes.

Jeevan and I.

The 'face' of Zouk haha DJ Goldfish aka Uncle Teoh and I.

Ujin and Ken.

Darling Anne and myself.


Wai Daa and I.


Known this girl since I was 17! How time flies.
Sinyee dear and me.

A very drunk botak Edric hahaha.

Just setting the record straight and also to give all the haters out there some FYI, I really cbf with things you guys want to spread about me but seriously? Digging stuff up about my friends, there's nothing lower than that lol. 

Get a life hah!

Till then, loads of love, xx. 


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