Review: Casio Exilim ZR3500 // night shots & functions.

I've been using the new Casio Exilim ZR3500 for a couple of weeks now and I am liking how it is such a compact camera but full with beautiful pictures capabilities.

 Not only does it fits in my clutch perfectly, which allows me to bring it along with me to events and such, it has awesome features and functions for the girl on the go like me.

I got the Casio Exilim ZR3500 in yellow which reminds me of my old car haha.
It's really cute and compact and I love how all my friends find it very user friendly! (ahem, that's how I get my pics :p)

Here are some night shots and functions I would like to highlight of. 
As I've mentioned, this is a good camera to bring around especially when I head for events and stuff. It is very compact plus it does its job. Especially when it comes to selfies!

As you can see, I take selfie's more often now as the screen is able to flip up and well, that's the whole point isn't it? To see how you would look! :D Surprisingly tons of my guy friends are in love with this camera as its beauty mode is a definite plus point. You can adjust the fairness of the skin to the smoothness. 

In addition to EXILIM Engine HS Ver. 3, the camera features a high sensitivity 1/1.7 type CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens with excellent optical properties to provide superior image quality and definition. 

It also features a 5-axis image stabilization which compensates for any blurness that usually happens during night shots and selfies! This ensures outstanding resolution even for difficult shots such as those involving less than satisfactory lighting conditions such as darkness and backlighting. Without making any complicated setting adjustments, as all these pictures are taken with the Auto mode, you can enjoy beautiful results not only for selfies, but for any subject that you choose to take.

Managed to snap a pic with infamous DJ Will Sparks!
Imagine having someone to hold the camera, point and shoot. Celebrities or DJs or whatever wouldn't have time for that would they? All I had to do was flip up the screen and it automatically switches on and tadaaa snap!

Taking selfies couldn’t be easier with a tilt-type LCD that opens 180 degrees and a Front Shutter button feature that lets you comfortably snap pictures from any position (major plus points!). And you can also activate the Motion Shutter, which takes pictures with a wave of the hand and you have a whole new level of picture-taking fun.

The compact body is retained, while the Super Resolution technology employed to enhance the high-resolution impression lets you zoom in to about twice the magnification of optical zoom with no deterioration of the high-resolution image.
ZR3500 of 12.0x optical zoom makes beautiful zoom shooting equivalent of 24.0x optical zoom possible.

As also mentioned earlier, my friends find it very user friendly and I don't have to teach them anything, all I ask them to do is point and shoot, voila! Beauty ready pictures. 

Through substantial improvements in basic image quality, skin tone and texture can be even more finely defined. The new “Skin Tone” settings allow even finer adjustments and combines with the standard “Smooth Skin” feature to allow you to adjust the tone and texture of your skin in any way you desire. Make-up Plus provides you with the means to enhance and express skin beauty.

Captured images can then be automatically sent to your smartphone just as soon as you take them just by downloading the app into your phone.

For a compact camera, I would say the Casio Exilim ZR3500 is pretty good, as you can see from the few pictures above, you can even view the background of all the pictures. The flash isn't too bright and glaring that it darkens out the background or have you face any overexposure problems.

Portrait with Night Scene produces beautiful shake-free and noise-free nighttime photos. The Make-up Mode reduces glossiness caused by the flash to give the face a natural skin tone! Even when you move in close, the flash setting is adjusted accordingly.

Will update soon with day shots, panoramic shots and even a video!

Till then, stay tune xx.


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