Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File ♡

Scholl has just launched the innovative Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File and I was pretty stoked about trying it out! As I barely have time to head to the nail salons nowadays this product is a life saver. So when I received the Scholl Electronic Foot File I knew it was right up my alley!

I have been using it every few days and I was very impressed with the outcome with its simplistic design that is very user friendly and of course, the convenience! I have been always sceptical about electronic foot care devices because I am nervous about damaging my skin as I have very sensitive skin, but the Scholl Velvet Foot file is different! I give this product five stars.

It's a must-have in any woman’s bathroom, perfect to give yourself a quick pedicure especially when you have no time to head to the nail salon. Using the electronic foot file for just three minutes delivers the same results as using a pumice for about 10 minutes!

It does exactly what it promises to do as it smoothen your feet, makes them pretty and soft and also, removes any excess skin. It really takes just a few seconds to see a noticeable difference and it’s extremely easy to use. Basically, it’s an absolute life saver and solves a real problem for us busy ladies!

The device feels comfortable in your hand and does not leave a mess, plus it’s really easy to clean. 

Product Description :

Soft beautiful feet effortlessly! The Velvet Smooth™ Roller Head with long lasting micro-abrasive particles. It buffs away hard skin in an instant leaving you with fabulous visibly smooth feet.

Pack Contents :
  • 1 x Electronic Foot File
  • 1 x Coarse Roller Heads
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • 1 x Cover

How to Use :

It's so easy to use by just gently rotating the file over hard skin and see the dead skin disappear. Just unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction and remove and dispose of both the red insulator tab and the plastic ring. Replace the base of the unit and screw in a clockwise direction until secure.

Remove the protective roller cover (plastic cover to protect the product) before use. Ensure that the roller head is securely inserted into the unit. Turn on by twisting the silver ring to the left and gently glide the rollerhead over skin and the dead skin will gradually exfoliate. Do not press too hard, or the unit will stop! Which is a major plus point, at least you would not be damaging your skin.

You should turn it off and check if you have achieved the softness you desire. If not, turn it back on and repeat until the level of smoothness is obtained. Turn it off by twisting the silver ring to the right. Then proceed by wiping and rinsing feet to remove excess dead skin particles. And of course, apply moisturiser and massage into your gorgeously smooth feet!

Cleaning After Use :

Though, the Velvet Smooth™ Electronic Foot File is not waterproof. So remember to detach and wash the roller head to clean the surface! You can achieve this by removing the roller by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away. Rinse the roller head under the tap and clean the body of the unit with a clean damp cloth.

Caution For Use :

Use on dry and not wet skin. Please do not use the device anywhere else on the body and only use for its intended purpose. Do not use in the same area for more that 3-4 seconds at a time. Also, do not submerge the device in water. 

My take on this, I would say that this is definitely worth purchasing. Whether you have really cracked feet or normal feet it is pretty much suitable to all. You hardly need to put any pressure on it, you just hold it over the bit of you want to exfoliate for a few seconds here and there. It is also convenient as it’s not as much work as the traditional paddle/pumice!

See all the residue from the dead skin?
And that's only on my heels!

You can find this device (RRP at RM 135.20) and the roller head replacement at most pharmacies. So convenient it give you no more excuses to not pamper your feet! is currently running a 20% promo now, key in SCHSOU when you check out to get an additional 5% off ! Offer valid till 31st Oct 2015 so don’t miss out! 



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