#OOTD : MeDusa Latest Collection ♡ dinner at Oribe and a birthday after!

It was a casual Tuesday of catching up with friends for dinner and celebrations.
Well I was out celebrating years of friendship and a dear friends birthday!

Outfit Of The Day
Top from H&M
Skirt from Miss Holly
Shoes from the night market in Seoul, Korea
Bag from MeDusa

It's been raining every day in Kuala Lumpur that I've been getting the chills hence the oversized sweater and maxi skirt, but to keep some edginess and femininity to the look and not be mistaken for comfort dressing, this skirt from Miss Holly definitely amped it up by it's side slit and of course the new sling bag (which can also transform into a clutch) from MeDusa definitely brought the whole look to another level. 

This bag is a handmade vinyl small bag from their new 2016 collection. With a width and height of 6.3 inches and depth of 2 inches. It's a cute square shaped bag made of embossed PVC and leather like orange fabric with gold plated metal chain closure. It comes in Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and the colour I am carrying, Cream!

MeDusa bags represents a young and contemporary urban lifestyle that is evident in their collections by the shapes, look and feel. Its strong and vibrant colors dominate the items and strengthen the brand’s connection to contemporary fashion as well as the person who carries it.

I love the size as it looks small but can carry my necessities like my card holder, lipstick, phone and some knicknacks.

First stop was dinner in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at Oribe.
We went with the Omakase set as the fish just arrived on the day itself and it was the best time to be surprised by the chef.

As you can see the amount of precision and skills demonstrated by the head chef. I love the vibe at Oribe, the deco was very minimal and very back to it's roots with whitewalls and a simple sashimi bar and some rooms for those who needed privacy while dining. It reminded me of the restaurant Dad use to bring the family when we were younger. Traditional and simple.

We got to try few dishes or courses and after the forth one I was quite full only to be surprised by this dish.

Cod Fish Sperm Sac or also known as Shirako in Japanese.
I wasnt prepared for this AT ALL.
However it did end up tasting half of what a serving of Uni and Foie Gras would taste and feel like combined. But bear in mind, everything I had or tasted that nice is deemed fresh, so there were hardly any fishy smell or weird textures that I came across that night. The Hokkaido oysters were like straight off the boat and Maguro was tender and juicy. Everything was spot on.

Awesome dinner with dear friend Nelson then it was off to Lisa's birthday!
There was more food awaiting there but I didn't have to worry as I won't be bursting out of my skirt haha. Plus the weather didn't help being all chilly and stuff. Luckily for my sweater or I might have come down with a flu.

It was a fun time spent over at Lisa's place.
Loads of food and laughter were shared among all the guest. I had a fun time messing with the birthday girl as she showed me what she got herself for her birthday haha.

I'm also loving my outfit that night as I could easily move from one place to another and still feel comfy yet stylish. 

I love my  new MeDusa bag as well and I am a fan of MeDusa bags as you can see from my previous post HERE.

The concept of MeDusa came to life in 2009, when two talented designers with the names of Gili Rozin Tamam and Adi Gal searched for a way to bring innovative textiles into the fashion and accessories industry. 

They were driven by the desire to create something completely new in the fashion accessory market, to take a relatively well-known material and use it in a groundbreaking and innovative way. They were then drawn to the unique look that resulted from sculpting a compound of industrial plastic in vibrant hues, the designers found the basis to their signature style of bags, purses, and clutches. MeDusa seamlessly blends vintage shapes with modern textures, designing contemporary urban styles with a knack for the edgy details!

To shop now or for more info :

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