Tips on Styling Dresses ♡

say you have a date with someone who you really admire and you want to grab his
attention on this very first date. In this blog post I’ve got your date outfit
covered with a list of useful dress tips for a first date without stressing.
Yes, minus all the stress. So why don’t you regroup and relax. Keep scrolling
to discover the
best dresses online to wear on your first date!

#1 : If you are in doubt, wear red
Studies have shown that men do think
that red is the sexiest colour on women. The researches at University of
Rochester found in their little experiment that men who are show pictures of
women in red dresses want to ask the ladies more amorous questions.

#2 : Summer Dress
Your goal on a date should be of being
approachable. So you might want to wear something that is flirtatious and
brings out your feminine side. So in this case, a summer dress in a soft fabric
will be a good staple for your date. Pair it with a denim jacket or chambray
shirt and a pair of ankle boots for a casual yet chic look.

Or you can go with second option by
wearing your favourite dress with a pair of sexy heels.

#3 : Know What Flatters You
Keep in mind that first date is NOT
the time for you to experiment with something new that you are not used to.
What more important is for you to feel comfortable and your best.



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