✈ Melbourne ♡ Spring 2015 ✈

By now, I've been to Melbourne three times this year. An additional one time extra than I normally would but hey the visits were shorter this time and it definitely called for more. 

So I'm just gonna summarize my trip into one post for this visit I made in early August, with loads of pictures and very little words as I know you guys prefer visuals than me rambling on :p but feel free to leave me comments if you have any questions of recommendations or such in the comment feed below.

Food is always tasted better in Melbourne! Be it Thai, French, Mexican, Spanish, Indian and Korean cuisine. Had a wonderful feast of wagyu cuts at Hwaro! The meat was juicy, tender and just melted in my mouth. Plus it wasn't pricey and really worth it. The service was also top notch!

After a wholesome meal with friends, we headed to Alumbra for a night out partying.

Met this girl after so long!
It was one crazy night of doing shots by the bar and dancing to the sounds of Hip Hop and R&B and the usual EDM bangers.

Other days were spent strolling around the CBD to my fav spots like the State Library which is right smack in the middle.

With my new housemates loooool.
The weather was just nice, it wasn't too cold or too hot at that time. Pretty much like living in an airconditioned city.

Other nights were also spent at Pandora nightclub. Love how it's really back to how my earlier days spent at Melbourne was like. Drinks by the bar, dancing all night long. Simple yet fun, no fuss of settling tables and bottles unless it's a special occasion.

Other days were spent enjoying the gorgeous sunset that sets on the beautiful horizon.

Me and baby sis spent a night at Crown Towers.

View from the room!

It was a well needed night in.

Had a fun time chilling by the pool and taking a nice good swim.
Had the girls over after for some drinks and supper. Ended the night with a high note of laughters and bimbotic fun! 

Although I left my precious headphones which they claimed they did not find any when I called back to check on it, the night was still wonderful and I managed to capture this very beautiful shot from Southbank facing the CBD.

Other times were spent around good company and food. Basically in Melbourne, do what the Melbournians do. Drink during the day, enjoy the sunlight, eat wonderful food and be surrounded by good company!

Brunch at St Kilda's NSHRY.

Rissotto's and pasta at some alley around the CBD. Every alley has a surprise! Some are filled with funky bars, some has a mixture of cafes and restaurants and some has artistic graffiti along it.

With beautiful momma Constance!

At one of my fave joints, MoVida but this is the one located on Bourke St.

Lunch and 'happy hour' with this girl.
She's been a doll with my spontaneous trip!

A definite tradition whenever I am in town. Nobu for their new style sashimi. 
It's just not the same anywhere except Perth cause they have the green tea lava cake there which they do not serve at the Melbourne branch.

Met up with my buddy Jo for a thailiicous dinner.
Told you about the various cuisines you can find in Melbourne! It's all oh so delicious, probably cause their ingredients are fresh.

From dawn to dusk.
This is a city I fell in love with, I fell in love with it's rich diverse culture, I fell in love with the food and atmosphere, lastly I fell in love with the people there. How they're so accepting and warm, friendly and just so laidback.

And then it was back to reality...

.. till December! Haha. Stay tune for more of my Melbourne escapades :)

Till then!



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