[ADV] Durex Bundles! ♡

Hey guys! 

I wonder how the holidays have been treating you. I had an exciting one! What about you? 

Anyways down to business, if you follow me on my social media channels you’ve probably seen things I’ve been up to and posts that I’ve been talking about. Today I would like to dig into the last purchase I made online. This was during Christmas week where I was looking for some cheeky presents for my friends. To be specific, something more with the likes of sex toys, condoms of that sorts but I’ve always been shy to look around malls for them as sometimes I’d end up getting weird stares from other shoppers and even at the check-out counters! 

Thankfully I was told to try out looking for the items through Lelong http://bit.ly/StephanieDurexNY

which made things so much less awkward! Plus I can browse them from the comfort of my own home. 

There’s three different bundles (meaning great value and price, yay!) and I went with the ‘Do Her Right’ bundle first. 

The delivery was fast and efficient, just in time for the holidays. Got it at Day 3 after I paid. Plus super discreet! Hence no weird stares from anyone :p I didn’t have to worry about anyone snooping around my parcel either. The transaction of purchase was a breeze as all I had to do was register (first time user, hence sign up process which was fast!), then insert items into my shopping cart, click on checkout and fill in my details! No worries as it is privacy is protected and payment is secured. 

Once opened, there’s a black paper bag and inside the cheeky card and products! Another thing that I appreciate is that the products were packaged nicely, sleekly in a bundle. 

I guess my friends would be thrilled to receive them. Sex shouldn’t be a hush hush topic that people find very intimidating or shy to talk about. Since sex ed isn’t something we learn in schools, there’s a lot of myths, made up stories told by one to another hence people get very blurry about factual stuff they need to know. Practicing safe sex is probably something very important that both genders should know. Not only you protect yourself but you protect your partners health and away from STDs etc.

Sex should be enjoyable and pleasuring for both ends, hence the various three bundles introduced! They contain not only condoms (for safe sex obviously) but other products to enhance your love life too! There’s slide in pleasure gels and devices for those who would want to explore and such. Always remember to practice safe sex but don’t miss out on the fun too! 

Some info about all 3 bundles : 

Up All Night 
The perfect set for a thrilling date night, with a great combination of products to tease and delight you and your partner. It’s a created pleasure set for you to go all night long. Comes with Durex Pleasuremax Condoms, Play ultra sensations ring and Durex Play Warming Intimate Lube. 

Do Her Right 
The perfect set for a wonderful date night, with a great combination of products to tease and delight you and your partner (especially her :p). Comes with Durex Fetherlite Ultima Condoms and Durex Play O Orgasmic Gel For Women! So , gents! #waitwhat! 

A Two Way Trip 
It's A Two Way Trip bundle, guaranteed to excite you both even more for even longer! This pleasure set has all you need to add some spice to your relationship. (won’t you agree that relationship is a 2 way trip too? ) Comes with Durex Fetherlite Condoms 12s, Play Aloe Vera Lube and a Play Vibrations ring.

All these are priced at special price till 10th Jan 2016. Everything under RM100. So get them for this coming Valentine’s Day / birthday gifts for your friends! check ‘em out now at durex.lelong.my! 

Click the link below to shop now :


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