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Being a fashion blogger myself, Ive always made it a point to stay on top of trends and be aware of the new ones coming in. This was a tough task especially when theres tons of websites and apps out there providing different services for someone like me. For a very long time Ive been looking for something that would simplify the way I shop and browse looks. Thankfully, its finally here!
Recently I downloaded ( Shoppr app on my Apple App Store and browsing for trends are a breeze now. I also love how it’s personalized to suit your style by asking you three simple questions when you first log in.

I am thrilled that I could easily browse trends, shop them, save looks and also create a wish list! 

I am currently following the likes of Songdani, Chiara Ferragni, OOTDMagazine, etc. I love to incorporate various styles to my daily dressing from girly to grunge and street to prep. It could be anything depending on my mood and browsing these trendsetters do help a lot!

Recently I managed to hunt down a top I was looking for! Ive been seeing the whole lace up trend for months now and been eyeing for something which I could pull off. It took me forever searching for it till I came across one of the influencers wearing it on Shoppr.
One thing that made Shoppr stand out was the ‘Save Outfitbutton. This allows me to save looks for later. Some looks which Ive saved for reference for an upcoming event or shoot and some holds pieces which I am keen on buying but couldnt do so as I was on the go or such.
Other than that, when I am REALLY out of ideas all I have to do is head to their ‘What To Wearsection by the search tab for quick and easy style tips which helps a bunch whenever I am on the go, especially traveling! It provides me with more ideas and inspiration with just a few clicks.

Shoppr also carries major brands from major retailers and a few brands that Ive always been fond of like Zara, ASOS, Topshop and etc. You can find them all on Shoppr. This also means I get to shop from my favourite brands all in one place! Plus theres a ‘New For Yousection which showcases all the latest items.

 I was​ ​recently a guest contributor on Shoppr's​ ​in-app magazine.

They were featuring style tips and tricks from some of Malaysias very own movers and shakers in beauty and fashion​ ​and was honoured that they approached me! You can read ​my piece on three ways to style a classy outfit here: and also shop similar items based on my outfits by following me in the app at @stephiielim.
I had fun putting it together and hope you'll check it out!


Unknown said…
The color is good on you!!! seem very positive in winter
stephiielim said…
Hi Layla, thank you! x

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