My Trip to Melbourne with the Travel Recommends Overseas Wi-Fi


I travel quite often and the only thing that keeps me connected to my family and friends back home would be my phone and iPad. I hardly bring my laptop around so as even on my travels, I am continuously on the go hence I try to pack as light as I can.

As a girl, I have my handbag, my hand carry and my check in luggage to lug around. I’ll usually get a sim card the minute I land to send my family a message saying I arrived safely but that whole process takes forever! I have to look for a telco provider booth, then wait a good 10 to 20 mins for them to activate it, print a copy of my passport details, etc. I was ecstatic when I found out that Travel Recommends provides a portable Wi-Fi Router which could help with this.

The minute I landed in Melbourne (my recent trip overseas) all I had to do was switch it on and connect my phone and voila! So quick, fast, and easy. No hassle of queuing up and such. My friends didn’t have to wait for me and I was out of immigration in a jiffy! The best part of it? UNLIMITED DATA! It’s quite tough finding one that provides unlimited data for Australia. And being a blogger this is very crucial for me, I bet it also comes in handy for those who are doing business trips and would like to connect their laptop.

Attending Stereosonic Festival was the most crucial part for me as, with the magnitude of thousands over attendees; ordinary telco users would get their lines all jammed up! Lucky for me, mine was smooth and had no complications!

I managed to stay connected even as I was on the beach!

Being a blogger I really am active on social media, you’d probably saw all these photos on my Instagram while I was away in Melbourne, thanks to Travel Recommends I could post all these in real time!

All thanks to this little gadget!

Staying connected via international roaming on my Malaysian telco provider is very expensive and the cheaper alternative is to buy a SIM card in the country I’m visiting. However there’s often the hassle of finding a shop and a good plan and if I’m going in a group it will probably mean that everyone will have to buy one.

Fortunately for avid travellers like myself there’s Travel Recommends which is a travel service provider offering Overseas Wi-Fi rental and Overseas Pre-paid SIM cards to outbound travellers of Malaysia while abroad for leisure or business. Travel Recommends partners with international mobile operators to ensure that you will always receive excellent internet connection during your time abroad.

The Overseas Travel Wi-Fi is a battery-powered router that can connect to multiple smart mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. With this device, only one (1) person in the group needs to carry it and everyone within his/ her vicinity can use it thereby making it a very cost-effective option indeed!

As the device is pocket-sized, it can easily fit into a handbag or pocket, and provides a convenient personal hotspot for navigating around in a foreign country while the secured network makes for a safe browsing experience. You won’t need to wait to upload your pics only when you’re in a café with WiFi or back in your hotel (and not all hotels provide free Wifi service either).

Here’s how it works.

The booth which is combined with the SUPERSTRAP+ booth is conveniently located at the Departure Level in KLIA.

Here’s an example of how easy it is to get the travel wifi. Say you are flying off on Saturday. Simply book your travel Wifi online on Monday and make the payment. You should get your confirmation within 24 hours hours. Then simply collect the device at the airport just before your flight and return it upon your arrival back in KLIA.

Or if you prefer, you can opt to pay RM10.00 to have the travel wifi delivered to you instead, and you can also opt to courier it back upon your return if it’s more convenient.

You can use the travel wifi in many different countries in Asia as well as the USA, Australia and Europe.

The good news is they are doing a CNY promotion now! Where you get to enjoy Unlimited Wi-Fi at just RM15/day when you travel to Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. What’s more? They are sending out the device to your doorstep for FREE! Just use the Promo Code: CNY2016 to when you reserve your router.

Besides that, they also offer lowest rate in town, Check out they price plan here!

So the next time you’re headed to any of the countries above, why not stay connected and get yourself an Overseas Wifi from Travel Recommends.

Erin, sharing the connection as there’s unlimited date for her too!

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