2016 - Fitness and Wellness goals!

Hey guys, as you can see I switched out my events tab for a Wellness one.
This year I am more determined to be toned, healthy and on top of all that maintain a balanced lifestyle. It's not easy getting older and have your metabolic rate slow down, not only that all the underlying health issues that might come up.

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Working out now have been a weekly goal on my agenda, trust me. Dragging my butt to the gym ain't an easy one, but with the help from the pros and also a good facilitated gym, it isn't that tough. Will write more about it soon!

Also eating right helps, depending on what you're trying to achieve, and what your body needs or is lacking, that will determine the diet you need or should follow. I am not looking to bulk or build muscle, I am more keen on getting a nicer figure or looking more tone so I learnt that I had to cut down on my carb intakes (mostly rice), and have less oily foods.

Altho those above might be fried, they're actually grilled or roasted. I still need some carbs tho as I have low blood pressure.

This is something I made at home to treat myself.
As I can't control the oils used at restaurants or ingredients etc, least I can do so at home.

Will write more soon! Till then, xx.


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