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From my last trip to Melbourne, I got a hold of the new Lenovo Vibe Shot . I was pretty stoked to be using it as I've heard good things about the camera functions having attended the workshop with Hannah Reyes sometime last year. We managed to have a mini test run with the phone and I was really impressed with the phone. I was even more ecstatic when I got to bring it along with me on this trip!

It was an seven hour forty five minutes long flight to Melbourne. Luckily the plane wasn't full and there were tons of new movies I spent my time watching. 

Finally landed at Tullamarine airport late at night as my flight got delayed.
Started my day early in the morning with a lunch at my favorite place just opposite where I was staying.

Using the front camera and beauty mode set at level five I captured this flawless selfie with no editing done at all! Missing my grey hair now as I write this, the phone definitely managed to capture everything from the strands of my hair and how on point my makeup was that day.

On the back camera I got to capture a dish a ordered that day, one of my fave, the New Style Sashimi of Yellow Tail and Jalapenos drizzled with ponzu sauce and a glass of white wine to pair with. 

Waited till the babysis got off work and took a stroll around the CBD. We checked out Federation Square for their Christmas decos to walking along the Yarra River as the sun was setting so beautifully over the horizon.

I used the Panaroma mode for this shot.
It could go longer than this but I thought that this frame was just nice. I managed to capture the broadwalk and also the sunset.

A Christmas tree made out of legos?
Yes please! It was so cute and I wondered how much time and effort was put in or how many men it took to build this, haha! For the selfie with Erin, this time I've set the beauty mode to level three and as I wanted a crisp sharp background of the tree. Glad to say it didn't fail me!

Took a few more pictures of the sunset, this time using the HDR mode. I love this mode whenever I am shooting landscape pictures as I want my landscape pictures to be more saturated, hence no need for any editing! It was clear and bright even when there was backlight you could see the colour of the tree and window panels on the building.

The view from the apartment, directly facing Crown and South Wharf and also Southbank. That's definitely one view I'm gonna miss. Even with the busy streets below, and constant noise of cars honking or police sirens wailing, it was a city life I adored.

We walked towards the center of the town for dinner and when the sun goes down and lights come up, Melbourne is livelier even at night fall!
Plus it was summer, so the sun only fully sets about 9pm.

The infamous Flinders Street Station.

After dinner we checked out Lui Bar, and seriously. After coming to this place so many times this was the FIRST time I am here?! How I wished someone brought me here earlier. It is absolutely gorgeous. Not just the interior of the bar but also the amazing view as it's located on the 57th floor. You can see the whole of Melbourne! All the way till St Kilda.

Would've been a perfect place to catch a sunset!

The other days were spent going around usual joints I loved with friends I needed some catching up to do with. Since it's summer I loved being outdoors as the days felt longer and the air was just nice for me although some days it would go up to 40* degrees!

For the first few days though, I had to accompany the baby sister to prep for her graduation ceremony. Not so baby anymore I guess :/

It was fun though, running around her campus and figuring out how to put the gown together.

She too brought me to some new places I've not tried, which was just nearby the Parliament Building.

We had a wonderful lunch at Rice Paper Sciccors.
Both pictures (above and below shot in HDR mode) were so vibrant no editing was needed!

 After a yummy lunch and graduation prep we decided to get a cold one at Cookie's Rooftop Bar.
I know it's a touristy spot and there's so many other rooftop bars in Melbourne but this place was just special to me. Anyways, we met up with some of the other girls when we were there. While waiting.. 

Selfie time! This time I set the beauty level at seven, my face was definitely more 'V' and skin was close to 'no pore at all'. Hahah I guess this would be really handy to those who enjoys taking selfies!

The weather was turning up and I just put all my hair up into a low bun.

You want to know how clear the camera is? Look at all the fly always on my head. Probably the easiest way to a quick bun fix. Tie a low ponytail and loosen it up a bit and just stuff all the ends into the middle, voila! Not only my hair does seem grey at some point but with a professional hair colourist and a good camera, you can see the shades of blue and purple infused too.

Sylvia then brought me to this bar which was so hidden but right smack in the city!

I would say it's super hipster and totally chilled out. You only see the locals here and hardly any Asians. As the temperature was going up through the roof, we both decided it was best to order a refreshing cocktail to cool us down.

A mixture of tropical fruits, citrus and mint leaves. It was great that I had my Lenovo with me that day as I forgotten my camera! It is also so much easy to be carrying way less load and just pulling my phone out snapping all these on the go.

The Vibe Shot which has a 16MP main camera and 5.0” Full HD screen all in one premium smartphone.

The VIBE Shot features a dedicated shutter button just like conventional cameras. It can be used to instantly activate the camera function without you having to activate the camera app first which its on-board infrared auto-focusing (AF) system is twice as fast as a conventional autofocus*. This phone breaks new ground by having a tri-colour LED flash which gives more realistic skin tones – a world’s first for smartphones, no more uneven skin tones yay!

The 16:9 back illuminated or backside illumination (BSI) sensor provides superior low-light performance and clarity for shooting in dark settings, and there’s also optical image stabilization (OIS) tech to reduce blurring – something which is very useful if you have shaky hands (like me -.-)

Most evenings were spent near Southbank or Crown, sitting by the river enjoying an ice cream or a drink. It couldn't get more perfect than this. I love the weather, the people, the life this city brings into me. It feeds my soul.

Will post more about Melbourne soon, sorry for the lack of updates! My main computer is getting fixed and all my photos are on it. Till then! xx

“The VIBE Shot is a stylish yet powerful smartphone that is perfect for people who want both a phone and a camera. This latest product underlines our sustained commitment and effort to innovation, by giving people what they need, in a compelling design,” said Foo Mun Yee, Country Lead, Lenovo Smartphone, Malaysia.

The Lenovo VIBE Shot is available in Carmine Red and Graphite Grey at all Lenovo Smartphone Retail Partners from 18 August 2015 onwards at the recommended retail price of RM1,399.00


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The quality of the pics are really nice for a smartphone.
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