[ADV] Whi Whi Whitening Candy ♡

Love. Happiness. Simplicity. 
That's their motto. Short and sweet (no puns intended).

I've been consuming these candies for two months now and I've been really impressed with the difference it has made to my skin!

Ideal skin complexion is an important thing to tons of ladies (even men) out there, and to obtain that one must feed it with the necessary nutrition.

Whi Whi is committed to bringing the great skin transformation experience to their customers. 
They have a community of founding team including a doctor, a GMP certified manufacturing unit and an outstanding business operations unit.

Whi Whi purposes are for those who are seeking for -
Whitening : 
Proven formula to remove dark skin elements, lighten skin tone with even complexion.

Hydrating : 
Gilt-edged H20 components to maintain skin humidity, proactively moisturizes skin and enliven cracked skin

Anti-ageing :
Rich content of anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals, prevent cells damage and delays ageing of cells. 

& they're are also very delicious! They actually taste like candy and you consume them like any other candy.

Before taking them my skin was noticeably tanner and at times pretty much dehydrated.

After a month and a half in my skin was noticeably brighter, glowing and bouncier.

Whi-10 acts to whiten freckles and dark pigmentation by reducing production of melanin and activating antioxidants in order to neutralize harmful free radical; with collagen booster and moisturizing molecules, Whi-10 steps up to enhance skin elasticity and accelerate water absorption into the skin.

Whi-10 also provides natural sunscreen effect to repair sun damage and minimize wrinkles, thus promoting radiant and youthful skin.

Comes in a simple packaging, a bottle containing the tablets. It's easy to carry around even if you're traveling or what not. 

Boosting Phase : 
Consume 2 candies daily for 2 weeks or (at most) up to 4 weeks to experience remarkable skin transformation. 

Maintaining Phase :
Consume 2 candies daily for 2 weeks to maintain the intensity of skin transformation.

Preserving Phase :
Consume 1 candy daily continously to preserve.

Before -
Breakouts on my chin and darker skin color.

After -
No breakouts, lighter freckles and definitely fairer.

Some testimonials from Doctors :

"Whi-10’s unique blend of active ingredients, which are already proven in the market, combining the antioxidant and cell building block properties, makes Whi-10 so effective that one could see the effect in as early as 2 weeks time. Strongly recommend for those wishing for radiant and youthful skin, thus building user’s self confidence."
Dr. Patrick Lee
M.B.B.S (Manipal), General Practitioner

“Speaking of skin whitening products, topical form of preparations act directly on the skin which is only local effect. Whi-10, on the other hand, in oral form acts more holistically by promoting brighter and glowing skin from inside out.” 
Dr. Vincent Yap 
M.B.B.S (AIMST), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (US)

For more info, visit :

General Inquiries :

+6018 288 3000

Cost per bottle :

USD 45 | MYR 160 | RMB 280 
+ Delivery Fee

Special bundle price for 3 bottles : 

USD 115 | MYR 400 | RMB 700 
+ Free Delivery



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