True Fitness | Part I

It’s 2016 and as many of you know I do not believe in New Years resolutions. However, I had a goal in mind this year. To work out, be healthy and more productive. I’ve recently signed up with True Fitness Malaysia and got right to it!
I was looking forward to a healthy lifestyle with a fun, dynamic environment and something that I would look forward to! Also, results!
So I popped by True Fitness for my health/body evaluation.

There's been some major changes in my schedules and lifestyle recently which didn’t help with my health or fitness commitments. These really shouldn't be my excuses but I got distracted and haven't been focusing as much as I should have on keeping a healthy lifestyle.

I was given an analysis by my Personal Trainer at True Fitness. The machine evaluated my body mass, fat and etc.

To me, staying healthy isn't just about losing weight because the journey doesn't end once I reach my end goal weight. It's about staying fitter, stronger, more energetic to keep up with my busy lifestyle.

With guidance from my Personal Trainer, I got advices on my diet and proper training to achieve a leaner, toner, body.

I was glad to have personal training because I know that I need that extra push and professional help in making exercise, and more nutrional meal-planning, a regular thing in my life. I've never been a fan of lose-weight-fast fads like diet pills, "special" massages, body wraps or even. Yes, relying just on these might help you to lose fat (or perhaps just water weight) fast, but they will never help you to keep them off. Why? Because your lifestyle and way of thinking hasn't changed. You still eat the same food, you still live the same sedentary way so once you stop these pills / massages / programs / medical procedures, the fat will just pile back on. 

So we started off by doing basic training from lunges to planking, squats and so on. It was 45 minute work out and 10 minutes on cardio. I was so exhausted after it but I felt so good! Haven’t felt that way in a long time.
With a Personal Trainer, I gained more knowledge to strategise, track and progress towards my goals, and form better fitness habits so that even if I stop the program, I will still use these knowledge and habits for life. 
For now, at least I know that I will definitely be working out at least twice a week for 12 weeks. And that is already a win for me.

Sometimes I start out strong and furious, but then half-way through I burn-out or get distracted and lose my way in exercising. With a Personal Trainer who tend to push and supervise my workouts customized to my goals, needs, genetics and current fitness level, I'm quite sure that I'll be able to get the maximum results in the most time-efficient manner.

I love how True Fitness accommodates to everyone’s needs. They get you the right trainer and my Personal Trainer knows and understands what I want out of the progress and training. It felt great to have a bond with my PT and being able to work towards my goal.

You can read more about their Personal Training program here :

I shall keep you guys posted with more to come, about my progress, healthy eating and so on!

About True Fitness

Strategically located to provide greatest ease to customers, True Fitness spans across 222,000 square feet of combined space area at 5 convenient locations  – Jaya33, Subang Jaya, Sunway Giza, Kenanga International Building and Hartamas. All True Fitness centres come equipped with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, which include Cardio machines and a large variety of Resistance and Free Weights equipment, Cardio Wave™ studios, Kinesis™ Studio and Muay Thai Rings.
In addition, members can choose from a wide array of classes such as Group X, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Aerobics and Spinning classes per week. Ample lockers, members lounge, a swimming pool and Kid’s Nurseries as well as private workout areas for women are made available for our member’s comfort and convenience.

About True Group

The True Group is one of Asia’s largest fitness and wellness groups which mainly consist of businesses in Fitness and Yoga, with secondary businesses in Spa and Aesthetics in selected regional markets.

Established in late 2004 in Singapore by Founder and Group CEO Mr Patrick Wee, this Singapore brand has established its presence in five countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and China. Committed to providing the best yoga and fitness facilities, the True Group has invested in excess of US$100 million regionally and now has more than 200,000 members across the region.

In line with the vision of bringing yoga and fitness to the communities we operate in, the True Group has also introduced Bikram Original Hot Yoga to our current stable and has launched True Dance in Taiwan as part of our expanded offerings.

Currently, the True Group has 32 centres across the five countries. It aims to grow to 50 centres in the next 5 years across new territories, establishing the True Group as a truly global fitness and wellness brand.

For more info, you guys can check out True Fitness on :



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