Diorever Preview Cocktail at Dior Starhill Kuala Lumpur

Ong Evonne, Choo Mei Sze, Denise Ang, Venice Min and Stephanie Lim (L-R)

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Dior Malaysia recently invited Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers to join them for the exclusive preview cocktail of the new Diorever collection which is currently available at the Dior boutique at Starhill. With me was Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers Managing Editor Tim Chew and official photographer Andy Kho, and as well as Choo Mei Sze, celebrity and model Venice Min, and Tim's friends Denise Ang and Ong Evonne.

Dior’s new Diorever bag was developed over a period of more than nine (9) months and takes more than a day to produce. It requires the utmost finesse and skills to make its structured curves, reversible flap, metallic clasp, and precise leatherworking, which ultimately results in a mini work of architecture with a timeless design befitting its name.

Each Dior boutique is designed and outfitted differently while keeping to a “homely” feel with bespoke furniture dotting each section different from the next section. The chandeliers feature a “shooting star” motive in line with the founder’s vision. There is also a private room for customers who prefer a little more privacy.

With the new Diorever bag 

Venice Min admiring the Dior bags

Datin Maylene and Corinna Tan

Ong Evonne and Denise Ang

MHB's official photographerAndy and Managing Editor Tim Chew with socialite Corinna Tan

MHB's Managing Editor Tim Chew with Denise Ang and Ong Evonne

Taking a selfie with Tim and Evonne

Tim Chew with Mei Sze who’s also the founder and co-owner of the digital agency PersonEDGE

With Corinna Tan and Ong Evonne

The Dior boutique is located at:

Indulge Floor, Starhill Gallery,
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,


Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (www.andykho.com)


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