Essilor Crizal UV Lens ♡ 'cause prevention is better than cure!

Recently made a visit to Venice Optometry in Desa Seri Hartamas for my yearly eye check. It is important to get your health checks yearly, just as a guideline of how your body is doing and the ways to maintain or improve it. 

This time round, I got to learn of the importance of eye protection against UV rays. The majority of Malaysians are not aware of the dangers of UV rays to the eyes, and the various eye problems which have been associated with overexposure to UV radiation! They then went over the available lens options with me and explained how each lens can best meet my lifestyle needs.

I was then introduced to the Crizal UV lens which is an innovative product by Essilor. It does not only offer the most advanced protection against damaging UV light with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25, but it also offers front and back side UV protection combined with perfect transparency.

I was then given a short brief about this Crizal Prevencia lens which blocks out specific wavelengths of blue light from reaching one’s ocular tissue. This lens blocks the narrow band of blue light which is specifically the “retinal damaging” light.

This lens is completely clear, unlike other yellowish blue-blocking lenses. This is a great choice for those who do not want a “socially awkward” yellow lens. This lens does have a purple hue on the front side, that can be seen under certain light conditions and it indicates that the lens is actively blocking harmful blue-violet light! It’s perfect for me as sometimes I find glasses not being really fashion forward with its yellowish lenses.

A proper fit and comfortable vision is the main goal hence I was ushered into a room for some tests to be done. Getting a proper fit is majorly important, that’s why visiting a skilled optometrist to get the right prescription and obtain the right type of lens that suits your eyes and lifestyle is always stressed on.
What makes Crizal UV lens stand out and a definite must-buy is that, it’s not just a tool to correct vision but also offers thorough protection for the eyes which consumers/people usually forget. As we age, we will have to face the consequences of wear and tear done to our eyes from glaring at TV screens or computer screens, the sun rays and so on. These problems will only appear later on in life and maybe by then it will be too late. Crizal UV lens helps prevent vision problems and exposure to UV rays which can lead to various eye problems such as cataract. This point has to be highlighted as people tend to take eye care too lightly or start prevention (or cure) only when something has happened. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Crizal UV is designed to offer front and back side UV protection combined with perfect clarity. Do you know that up to 50% of UV rays entering the eyes are reflected by the back side of the lens? This area is not protected by any other lens material in the market today. Other than that, Crizal UV lens offers the most advanced protection against damaging UV light with an E-SPF of 25.
Our eyes are exposed to UV rays 365 days a year, even on cloudy days! Forty per cent of UV exposure occurs when we are not in full sunlight and are less likely to wear protection. UV rays are invisible and insidious. The natural reaction when facing the sun is to turn away to avoid the dazzling light, but light often comes from behind as well. Although the rear surface of antireflective lenses absorbs reflected visible light, UV rays still continue to reflect onto the eyes. This is how fragile our eyes are, and after learning about all this from the professional, I was keen on protecting my eyes as much as possible!
Crizal UV is a breakthrough innovation where Essilor, a pioneer in innovation that goes beyond visual correction, offers thorough protection for the eyes and helps prevent vision problems through its range of products.

The range of Crizal UV lenses includes Crizal Prevencia, which helps to protect the eyes from harmful blue-violet light; Crizal Transitions, which are high performance adaptive lenses that automatically adapt to their environment; and Crizal Kids UV, which provides children with superior clarity of vision for school days and superior safety for play days.

After the brief yet informational explanation and introduction to Crizal UV lenses as well as the eye test and check-up, I was off to pick the frame for my lenses. I was given the choice of having it as a pair of sunglasses or spectacles. 

Since the spectacles I am currently using has a few scratches and is really blur, I opted for my lenses to be done as spectacles. I was really excited to see how it faired during night drives and watching movies as I am sensitive to glare from car headlights and end up feeling dizzy after watching or staring at bright lights. 

I was looking for something light as I planned to wear this more often as a measure of prevention, plus it would definitely help with reducing the light glare I get during the day. I ended up choosing a trendy frame as it’s light and I love how it suits things that I would wear day in and out.

I’m pretty impressed with the outcome of my new eyewear all thanks to Crizal UV lens. Not only does it prevent future eye problems but the typical basic stuff that people look for in lenses are all there! It is scratch resistant, reduces glare, smudge resistant, and repels dust and water.

I've been wearing it most of the time as I find that during the time of wearing it, my eyes are less tired and strained compared to when I am not. The glaring computer screen does not affect my vision too. Makes me want to smack my forehead thinking of all those times I've totally neglected my vision.

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