Phuket | Girls Trip 2016 (pt. I) ♡ ✈

Girls trip with Erin and Lisa couple months back since Erin is back from Melbourne.
It was quite spontaneous as we were always talking about it but did not pursue any planning.
When it finally happened we were so stoked and excited!

We went through many websites and such to look for the best price. It was so competitive, however, we finally ended up booking through Traveloka which I downloaded through the Google Play Store but for those iPhone users, you can probably get it on the Apple App Store.  I've heard reviews about this site and not only I can browse through the different types of flights offered but I can book our hotel stay through it too, I've also heard that they're one of the largest flight and hotel booking platform in Indonesia. 

On the day itself, we headed to KLIA2 to catch our flight.
We were lucky to have gotten it at that price which was cheap, as we booked it pretty last minute.

Erin and Lisa, ready for our girls trip to Phuket, Thailand!

I had a late night and insufficient sleep, but as everything was prepped, ready and booked for, I had little much worries to think of. It was holidayyyyy for me!

It was a clear and smooth journey as we arrived around lunch time and took a one hour cab ride into Patong Beach, the main area of Phuket. I always loved staying at that area as I am very familiar with it and also because you have everything there! From yummy food to nightlife, shopping, the likes.

We grabbed a kebab before checking into our hotel, La Flora which is a beach front hotel (major plus points)!
We were so pleased and happy with our choice, thank god for all the reviews we read which made booking this hotel so much easier.

The best part was the mini fridge would be replenished daily.
The amount of soft drinks, beers and fruit juices was just sooooooo good. Honestly, never stayed somewhere where the mini bar was free of charge. The room was decadently decorated with warm earthy hues and nice lighting. The balcony was huge with two lounge chairs. 

Then we ended up spending the whole afternoon at the beach till sunset.

Basking in the beautiful warm sun rays while having a dip in the ocean at times just to cool off.

It was so convenient to be beachfront located, as we could just easily adjourn to the beach in our swimsuits without lugging our spare clothes with us.

Even though Patong is swamped with tourist and some might prefer or actually asks me why do I keep going back there when there's so many other beaches around, the answer would always be the same. Because I love the vibrant people I observe from far, the water is blue enough and sand is white enough for me. 

We sat back, I read my book, the played with their phones all while having cold fresh fruits and coconut juice.

The sun was setting, and the sky turned from baby blue to a spectrum of colours.
Purple, pink with a hint of orange and blue, it was just too perfect.

It was a beautiful sunset, till it got really cold and we headed back to our room for a nice warm shower before dinner.

We relaxed for a bit more till it was dark outside and headed off to one of the most infamous roads in Phuket. Bangla Road it is! 

The girls couldn't help themselves from some sweet snacks right before dinner.

We walked the whole street and then the whole way to Hooters, not knowing it was quite a far walk but still, there were so many shops around that it didn't feel like such a torture.

We had fried chicken and sliders with some cocktails to pair with. 
And then back to Bangla Road to check out the nightlife.

We ended up at a club where a guy wanted to sell us drink cards for unlimited flow of alcoholic beverages but we decided that we wouldn't be drinking so much as we had a few more days to go. Thank god we didn't as we did not spend as much as it would've cost us to pay for those cards.

We headed back to the hotel after a long evening out. I was so tired from the lack of sleep, the afternoon spend tanning and all the walking but it was all fun and good. 

One favourite restaurant I enjoy going to while in Phuket is Baan Rim Pa, located at the north end of Patong beach. We headed there for lunch, seated outside enjoying the view but sadly the weather was going so great after the first day, it got way too hot. I can't even remember how much watermelon juice and coconut water we had! haha.

Surrounded by lush trees and a magnificent view of the ocean, it would be the perfect place to watch the sunset.

We ordered Fried Rice, Steamed Fish and Curry Powder Crab. 
It was delicious! Superbly cooked to perfection and it was so fresh!

All in all, the trip was great. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated before heading back to KL. We had massages done every minute we could spare and spent most of the time lazing by the beach and tanning.


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