Shine Bokbunja

Health is probably the most important thing to oneself. As you start to age, you tend to come across more health problems or start to notice that you would actually have to go through more health tests annually; more than just the regular blood test. As they always say, prevention is better than cure.
I myself had to go through two surgeries last year due to a growth in my tissue. You can only imagine how scary that was for me! After that I swore that I will do the best I can to maintain my health while still having the lifestyle I have. With this I was more alert on the kind of supplements and products out in the market that I could try out and see if they’d worked for me. 

I was introduced to Shine Bokbunja Vinegar and N-ZymeIt was very interesting as it promotes a better kidney and liver function. It’s also great to vegetarians and also, it does not contain any preservatives or colorant.   

So what is BOKBUNJA? 
Bokbunja is basically wild black raspberries that is native to korea. In Asia, it is used in making traditional herbal medicine and is also a health supplement to enhance stamina for men and cures diseases in women.  

The name Bokbunja comes from an old Korean legend, where a hunter lost his way home and ate these wild raspberries as he was hungry. The next morning, the strong effects of the raspberries caused such forceful urination that it overturned the urine basin when he urinated in it. Also, the hunter's wife who was unable to conceive for many years suddenly became pregnant. Since then evolved the name Bokbunja 

Bokbunja was used back in the days by Chinese physicians and pharmacologists to invigorate liver and kidney functions to achieve rejuvenation in terms of reversal of grey hair, relief of frequent urination (UTI), improvement of eyesight and so on. 

Shine Bokbunja comes in twos. 
You have the Bokbunja N-Zyme and Bokbunja Vinegar. 

Shine Bokbunja N-Zyme is a purely made of natural fruit enzyme, free from any additives and has a durable shelf life which is great as you would not have to worry and check the expiration date everynow and then. The enzyme requires a two yearsEnzymes are great as it breaks down substances and eliminate many unwanted chemicals or toxins in the body. Digestive enzymes breaks down the food we eat so that it can be used as a source of nutrients and energy. Every cell relies on raw materials provided to the body by digestive enzymes. If your body lacks these enzymes, the food you eat will not be broken down completely into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body. This will result in poor digestion and fatigue. 

Benefits of BOKBUNJA N-ZYME :
Increases nutrients intake, decrease or eliminate indigestion 
Improves pancreatic insufficiency  
Improves lactose intolerance 
Helps in diet tolerance  
Helps reduce fatigue and increases body energy 

The second product, which is Shine Bokbunja Vinegar which also goes through 2-stage fermentation process helps with providing nutrients essential to health such as aspartic acid, serine, tryptophan and other amino acids. The vinegar is also great for skincare. It keeps the skin moisturized, reduces melanin and wrinkles, which is very favorable to ladies! 

Provides cardiovascular protection 
Enhance liver detoxification 
Body weight control 
Provides skin care effects 
Regulate blood glucose 

The enzyme has a very fruity flavour while the vinegar has a bit more sour taste to it. Many of you might have reserved thoughts against vinegars as the taste might not suit everyone, however, I’ve mixed mine with honey to give it a more sweet and flavourful taste. It’s great mixed with honey!

As these products contain natural ingredients make them the perfect supplements for anyone who wish to maintain or improve their overall health. As mentioned before, prevention is better than cure! 

You can find them in pharmacies, Chinese medical hall or even purchase it online at
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