eNail Spa ♡ A day of treatments for hands and feet!

So earlier on this week, I made an appointment with eNail Spa located in Hartamas for lovely day pampering myself, or more so my nails as I've not gotten it done for months! 

Always a fan of manicures and pedicures, sadly my busy schedule isn't allowing me time for this. However, I made some time to get them done as I was pretty excited on checking out eNail Spa which is owned by entrepreneur Emanda Chong and centrally located in Desa Sri Hartamas.

It wasn't hard to spot with its clear huge signage and although parking at Hartamas can be quite a hassle, it's located at the other end near Soul'ed Out so parking was a breeze. 

After climbing up a flight of stairs (there's a lift too, but I needed the exercise) I've reached this beautiful cosy nail parlour.

Furnished with plush sofas and pillows for you to relax while you get your treatments done. While beautiful ambient lighting sets the mood for some well needed relaxation session. There are also specific treatment rooms if you opt for massages and such too. 

Second thing I noticed when I walked in was the nail polish wall. I am very impressed with the ranges and choices of colours they carry! From usual nail varnishes to even gel colours.

From gel colours to authentic OPI colours, I was spoilt for choice!
However, I was told that I would be trying out a new mood changing cat eye colour that day. That got me pretty stoked and excited. 

There are a lot of designs for you to choose from and you can also mix and match them (provided from the same price range) if you like. 

Also, I'll be getting some nail art done to add on to my manicure. 
Ah I have a weak spot for nail art! Guess which design I opted for?

So it was time to get started and I was treated to a nice foot soak accompanied with a scrub and mask.
My feet and calves have never felt so much smoother! I've never done a pedi spa ever before sadly and on that day I made sure I had extra time to try it out.

My feet were tremendously softer and nicer to the touch after the spa session, the dried skin was gone and my skin was glowing, especially my toes which usually looked very dead and grey. The lower half of my legs were smoother and definitely removed the scab wound from a fall a week ago. Overall, it was very worth it!

Then my manicurist proceeded with shaping and trimming my nails.

She was very professional about it, and it was quick and fast too!
Perfect for someone who is always on the go, opt for gel manicures/pedicures cause there's less drying time and it lasts for a couple of weeks.

The mood changing cat eye colour was quite dope as some special tool was used to shaped the glitter and the after results were amazing, my toe nails looks like there's a galaxy in it.

Then it was time to get my fingernails done.
I moved over to the tables as I preferred to be sitting straight up while doing my manicure but you can always opt for the sofa if you get too lazy to move ha ha!

Excuse my expression but that's my resting face and I was so focused like my manicurist looking at the work she was putting into my nails. There was so much detailing into my nail art, all I can say is I really love it!

You can tell when the art is definitely gonna last, and oh my god, that 3D flower art is so cute.

What do you guys think of it?

A full blinged out nail, stripes, mood changing cat eye color and 3D flower.

In total my Gel Manicure cost RM90, the Nail Art RM120, Spa Pedicure RM210 with the Nail Art.
I spent about two and a half hours give or take at the salon while I had refreshments the whole time there and it didn't feel that long thanks to the comfort of the place.

Anyways, you guys should totally check them out. Plus they're having a good deal right now!

Don't miss out this chance to have your nails pampered and loved!

Do check them out at :

30, 1st Floor, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur


Operating Hours: 
Tue - Sat, 11am - 8pm
Sun, 11am - 6pm
Mon, Closed



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