Alainn Clinic & Medispa (pt. I)

As we age, our metabolism rate goes down by a whole lot. And when I say a whole lot I mean, dramatically. Well for me that's the case. Ever since I passed my twenty first birthday it all went downhill. Growing up I had no issues of how my body looked or feel, probably because I was very active in sports and outdoorsy activities. Other than that, I barely ate much carbs, specifically rice and on top of that I had really high metabolism that usually whenever I go through a medical examination I would be categorized as unhealthy or underweight.

But that all started to slow down as years passed. My weight did not fluctuate by a lot, I've gained 8kgs in the span of eight years and I am now leaning on the healthy side when it comes to my BMI; HOWEVER... that did not reflect on how my body looks like. I do enjoy the slight perks of a bigger bum and thicker thighs but not so when it comes to my back and tummy fats. I guess sitting in an office for eight hours fifteen months straight and my lifestyle didn't help either. My fats gathered in places I did not desire. Wearing cropped tops weren't so ideal anymore (although I still do wear them) but only when I feel confident to pull it off. 

I was ecstatic when a friend of mine introduced me to Alainn Clinic and Medispa. I dropped by for a consultation and was given a brief about the treatment that I will go through.

First thing I noticed when I stepped in was the beautiful décor of the place. Not only it did not look like a clinic as I thought it would, it was very warm and cosy. With perfect lighting and ambience I felt like I was at a spa more than anything else! The waiting lounge had light snacks and a choice of coffee and tea. When I entered the 'meeting room' I was given a short brief of what was expected or hoped for after the treatments were completed and we did some shots around my tummy and back for before and after comparisons. Of course there are never short cuts in life if you want good results so I was advised to stick to a healthy diet where I cut off as many carbs as I can and my drinking too. Meaning less rice and pasta, no beer, champagne and that sort. I wasn't too happy to cut off rice from my diet but there's always other things I can substitute my hunger pangs with, like avocado for instance, so it wasn't that brutal cause I LOVE MY FOOD! Haha. 

I was then told that I will be doing the Smart Sculpting Treatment (a fat loss treatment) which targets the desired area which for me was my tummy and back. It is supposed to get rid also known as Vanquish, of stubborn fats without any invasive surgery. This fat loss treatment uses cutting-edge medical grade radio frequency device to permanently kill fat cells. But do bear this in mind, with the fats gone after treatment, you will still have to maintain a balance diet and/or work out.

 I was then ushered into one of the beautifully decorated treatment room which was super zen and even has a TV inside! For my body type and fat (as every individual has different level or amount of fats) I only had to spend an hour in there and that hour passed by so quickly. While replying emails and sorting my schedule for the week, booms! It was over. I guess it's also because of how relaxing I felt throughout the whole process that I was actually happy to just lay down and rest while the device does its work. I did feel some warmth and heat but it's nothing intolerable. I actually found it enjoyable, but I am weird that way. Best part after it all was that there was no downtime or redness or anything of that sort. I could go back to what I was doing and continued on with my evening.

I just did my second session and I've lost 1cm around my waist and hips since the first session! That is pretty amazing to me. One thing that stands out about the Smart Sculpting Treatment is that it reduces fat deposits at various depths and also areas that tend to resist even through diet and exercising. So far I am pretty pleased with how it has been going and I can't wait to share the full results once it is all over, so stay tune and watch this space!

Even the rooms are beautifully decorated to suit the ambience of a spa and not a clinic.
I would be lying if I said that this does not place an importance to me. As some of the treatments or sessions might take over 45minutes, this cosy environment definitely makes those minutes swoosh by in a second!

There's even a TV inside, if you would like to watch a movie, you can!
Since my treatment takes less than an hour, I chose napping over that haha. 

You can check them out at :

Alainn Medispa
J-2-3 Jalan SS7/26
Park Lane Commercial Hub
Kelana Jaya 47301
Petaling Jaya 
 Call : 03-78876499
WhatsApp : 012-2710301 

Operating Hours  
Monday to Saturday - 9.30am to 6.00pm


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