Calvin Klein - endless euphoria ♡

Reinvigorating light and radiant, endless euphoria was created as a daytime compliment to Euphoria. 
It expresses the provocative fantasy of the signature fragrance into a beautiful warm daydream filled with cherry blossoms for an air of sheer sensuality. 

The new endless euphoria by Calvin Klein maintains the original euphoria bottle design but with a refreshing new lightness, while keeping its original, sensuous curves. This whole design exudes a delicate blush-peach hue and soft pink juice, while the translucent glass bottle takes on a taller, softly-rounded silhouette. 
The effect is a sheer and weightless aesthetic with an infinitely polished look, very modern yet simple for the women of this century. More over, the rectangular cap features clean, architectural lines in a new rose gold cast, while a lavender dip tube adds a polished finishing touch. The outer carton is an elegant and fresh interpretation of the classic euphoria box, designed with a gradient from warm peach to light lavender. 

The fragrance opens with a breeze of airy cherry blossoms on top, blossoming into uplifting violet at the heart, then drying down to sensual bamboo at the base. 

The endless euphoria Calvin Klein advertising campaign features model Vanessa Axente in a sensual dream, bathed in a spectrum of dawn-inspired colors. The rainbow hued skies while a soft glowing sunlight completes the ultimate daydream. Embodying sheer sensuality, she is dressed in a flowing Calvin Klein Collection dress that reveals the airy femininity and fluidity of the fragrance. 

As one of the world's leading lifestyle brands, Calvin Klein is synonymous with streamlined style. Everything the label creates—clothing, accessories, home design—becomes a timeless classic. Just like how I foresee this fragrance to be. It is lightweight enough to have it on throughout the day, while a light spritz would just do to transcend to the night. Also, a quick tip, to make your perfume last longer, apply the body lotion that comes with the gift box set, or can be purchased separately.

Calvin Klein's award-winning fragrances are no exception. With an oeuvre of famous eaus that continue to redefine the world of perfume, Calvin Klein's uncomplicated offerings have become beauty icons in both sight and smell!

Eau de Parfum spray :

1.4oz/40ml RM225
2.5oz/75ml RM339
4.2oz/125ml RM419


Calvin Klein

unexpected seduction.

an uplifting daydream

that knows no limits.

endless euphoria Calvin Klein


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