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Finally our very own KLARA COSMETICS 1st Flagship store in Malaysia is here!
But first, a very quick review of some of the products I've tried.

It wasn't long ago, I was browsing through my social media newsfeed that I came across a launch of a well known Australian cosmetic brand that has finally opened up a store in Malaysia! I became so curious as the makeup looked amazing, so pigmented and beautiful. This Australian owned and designed cosmetic brand, Klara Cosmetics is the first concentrated range of superior quality cosmetics made with 100% colour pigmentation!

Klara Cosmetic is named after its ambitious founder – Klara Sabotkoski. 
The innovative makeup line provides every woman with the result that professionals have been striving towards for years. As I did some research I found a bit about their background and how it all started but what was most important was that they DO NOT test on animals. 

With its vision – “Professional Makeup for Life”. What is so amazing is, it is such a perfect product, within it's first week of release last year, it had sold out! With makeup gurus and beauty connoisseurs addicted to the on trend palettes and high performance products.


Klara Cosmetics pushes women to use be bold and brave, trying out new colours while giving them an extra boost of intelligence to feel strong, confident and sexy. 
They only use the best possible ingredients from the most known suppliers worldwide. This gives Klara’s hyper pigmented formulas to have a three dimensional look not only make eyes sparkle but also your lips pop with beautifully pigmented colors! 

I love how there's this beautiful illusion that the wearer’s skin glows from within, which makes the overall look very natural and subtle but with that immense gorgeous color. 

So I was given three eyeshadows, an eyeliner and their matte lipsticks.
I honestly buy matte lipsticks nowadays as not only I want that staying power, but that strong pigmentation and concentration of color to last for hours!

The eyeliner is perfect for those who love switching up their makeup. Go from a thick line for more vintage look, or a thin one for an everyday where! It is so easy to glide on and control with it's fine tip and bristles. You can easily shape your liner the way you want it to be, it's really good for the cateye liner look. Not only it is a deep black tone, it lasts so long with no smudge at all.

While the Kiss Proof Lips are my absolute favourite product from Klara as the color DEFINITELY stands out. One application is enough and would do the trick (saves money!). 

This is Klara Cosmetics infamous cult product. As no matter how much you play around, this
lipstick will leave no evidence. Eat, drink, even kiss and it stays on! Consisting of 100% pigmentation, the Kiss Proof gives you up to 24 hour long lasting matte lips, with no color bleeding and or smudging. Plus they have a huge variety of colors to choose from.

Next was the Eyeshadow in different tones - metallic, satin and matte.
To give you all an idea, even though the eyeshadow is very pigmented, you don't have to fret as it is really easy to blend in and used on various skin shades!

The Diamond Eyeshadow is gorgeously pigmented, giving this eyeshadow a sparkly sheer wash of color over the eyelid. I am impressed how for a such sparkly looking eyeshadows they are really extremely wearable and give your eyes beautiful dimension and depth especially when you start mixing and shading it with the others.

Even after hours of having it on, my eyeshadow looks as if I had just applied it, perfect! No creasing, no fading, no fall-out. Just perfect sparkly eyelids. Other than that, the eyeshadows are very generously sized and you only need a small amount due to how beautiful their color pay-off is, so these shadows will last you for ages.

The Shimmer Eyeshadow is extremely pigmented! I am really happy with how Klara's eyeshadows are true to color. They apply smoothly and silkily while it blends effortlessly. It has a beautiful satin finish while throughout the day there was absolutely no fading, creasing or fall out.

The Matte Eyeshadow - 100% true to colour payoff, amazingly easy to blend as some matte eyeshadows can be on the difficult side to blend, but definitely not Klara’s. These matte eyeshadows goes on so smoothly without being chalky. They bring a very flattering and glamorous matte finish.
It performs perfectly and wonderfully with no creasing, no fading or even fall outs.
But in the end, not all matte eyeshadows are created equal. Some can impart such an unflattering powdery finish and highlight fine lines around the eye area, but not these ones! 

There is a huge variety of colour so there will be something for everybody. 

Do check them out!
You can find them at One Utama, First Floor at the new wing (in front of Library Coffee Shop).

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