✈ Melbourne 2016 ✈ - yes I know it's two years ago!

Hello there my fellow readers!
This post has been sitting in my junk box for almost two years now.
What a shame as I was always filling up this site with posts from my daily adventures, spontaneous travels and such. 

People say or asks me whether anyone still reads blogs and such.
I do like to believe so, and well my stats don't lie. But I myself felt disappointed with the lack of impromptu, unscripted, me posts. So I went over to my drafts folder and saw this sitting there. 

After clicking in, I was brought back to my wonderful memory of my fave city Melbourne I almost teared. I guess there were two reasons of why this hasn't been posted since;
- I didn't want to accept that I won't be going to Melbourne as frequent as before.
- I had so many other post to catch up with.

So well here we are with a post from two years ago and I am going to try to remember where, what or why caption or story that lies behind that picture. Oh, pics are definitely not according to any order as well, I don't think I'll remember that far back. Hah!

p/s: If you're boo-ing me for an outdated post well, you can just click out of this site. If you feel as thrilled as I am to see what changed in two years and I promise, no fancy pancy lingo or any thing in this post is an adv, so it's like good ol' times!

Omg, my love for the morning markets though I will only make it there 30 minutes before it closes just cause I am NOT a morning person. It doesn't even matter whatever country or timezone I'm in but don't bother waking me up before lunch. 

So back to that pic, love how we would go over to any of the famous markets near Melbourne's CBD just for fresh oysters or even fish! All raw of course, we would then head over to the fruit store and get ourselves a lemon and then find a bench and start nomming on all these goodies. But the last time I was there, the stores themselves provided a table with condiments for you to enjoy your oysters, be it a slice of lemon or even Tobasco. 

Of course catching up with all my friends is a must, and boy do I miss them so much!
Luckily I've met some of them not in Melbourne or even KL but places like Bangkok and wherever lol.

Then there's also the partying which I love as it is not all bottle service and people still go to the bar for shots and stuff. We even went out on white night and it isn't even tad bit close to what others said! I had so much fun and it was nice being in a different environment. 

And the other reason why I love going to Melbourne would be for the food!
Yummy delicious food. 

Now I shall just leave you with more pics!

And last but not least, Nori Tacos!
Totally missing this. Haven't been back for two years now, definitely need a Melbourne trip soon!



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