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Random shots.

Anna Faris!

Dont know what I was trying to do.
Excuse me for that


Manhattan Fish Market @ Centrepoint.

Supersmillingingoodmoodday sister!

Hahahah ;DD

Massive Worldwide Underground '08

Ticketing Price :
VIP Pre-Sale : RM 69 (invites only)*
VIP (LIMITED 1000) : RM 100 (invites only)*
Pre-Sales : RM75
Door-Sales : RM 95*

VIP Pre-Sales & VIP tickets are available only from ambassadors

Note: Promotions VIP Pre-Sales tickets (RM 69) is limited .
( so hurry up and contract yours truly before it changes to RM 75! )

VIP ticket included :
- One free drink
- Special privilege
- Access to upstairs VIP area
- Get to see the DJs better.

Time and Place, etc .
Venue : TR1 Hall, PWTC Kuala LumpurStart
Time : Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 6.00 pm
End Time : Sunday, December 21, 2008 at 3.00am
Dress Code : Black & White

DJs spin it all LIVE! ( DJs line up )
- Scott Alert
- Cosmic Gate
- Erik Nilsson
- DJ Nikki ( Malaysia )
- Bass Agents ( Malaysia )

Table reservations details for VIP will be updated in November.
stay tune to our Massive web page.

msn address :
cellphone number : 016-2078007

Yves Saint Lauren

Ooh im so in love with YSL right now.
From their Babydoll parfum to the lipgloss twist :)



My usual, well not so anymore.. But yeah Maison on Thursday!

It is quite empty nowadays. But we had 4 hours of crazy fun.

Got steam coming out when we kiss. LOL.

My babes and I.
Josie, Kath and Me

Bumped into Pei Pei as well :)

My sicky sick sick baby.
So pale!

Botak pouring drinks for everyone.

Blur Ben Ben.
He got the name because.. You can see why thru the pictures lah!

AhPhang, Baby and Botak

Entertainer of the night, my dear gay friend James.
Yeah he doesnt mind me calling him gay.

Cause you see he is!

This is where all the fun start ;DD

Josie having an orgasm. Hahahah ;p

WARNING : Really obscene pictures coming!

Do not critisize anything! Dont like it, you can press the 'X' on the upper taskbar now!

No more " I kissed a girl and ... " Its the other way tonight.

On a random thought.

Got a forwarded e-mail from Wei Lynn.

There's this shop in Kajang installed with hidden camera's taking pictures of girl, when they try on clothes in the fitting room. So the whole e-mail was like full of this poor girls picture. OMG damn scary lor if it happens to me! So girls look around your surroundings before trying on clothes.

Talking about shopping, went Sungai Wang few days ago with mummy and Erin. She needed to collect her dress from the tailor. Ooh the place never change! But the clothes are getting cheaper and cheaper tho, lol. Was supposed to have dinner at Crowne Princess but we were too lazy to drive all the way there.

And lastly, im effing bored! Please tell me what should I do with my free time. Gahhhh.


Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid.

On Wednesday I have a six hour break during college hours.

So instead of just stonning or passing time in a mall.
The bunch and I headed down to Sunway Pyramid for some action.

We went for Ice Skating!

Afdzal reading the terms and rules.While Loyce was dressing up looking all so hawt :)

The two future Polo models.

Me and Loyce. Loyce being a naughty naughty school girl!

On the ice, Loyce brought her camera in and took pictures illegally!
First shot, chou tut dou. Haha ;DD
Its so hard to balance and pose on ice wey.
Its been a long time since I Ice Skated.

Second time, still getting there.
See the legs! Unbalanced.

Finally! The third one's a charm :)
Not so bad huh?

Skated for about 3 and 1/2 hours straight.
Legs were super tired and numb!

Changed back to our shoes and left Sunway Pyramid to Asia Cafe.

Met Farhana there, had lunch and then ciao'ed.

Lovely day.


Katy Perry

My new modern fashion idol.

KATY PERRY. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson born on October 25, 1984.

I love her superduper big chunky accessories and usage of fruits as a design to outfits.

To her pin up looks.
There's nothing she can go wrong with.


But I still love her style :)
Oooh got some tops and dresses like hers but I dont really have the guts to wear it yet! Hah. Soon lah I supposed.


Jeong Ji-hoon

정지훈 is back with new songs and a new album.

In my opinion he is hotter than ever!
Love the new haircut and body.

The first video Rainism is abit weird on the lyrics but the dance moves were HOT! Second video is so quite romantic and damn macho lor!

Hahah ;DD


Maison was crazy last night.
I can only remember the wild/crazy/funny part.
Laugh and rolled on the floor literally!

Other than that. I KO'ed. Yay.

& now i'm blogging out of misery because I only had two hours of sleep.

How was your night peopleee?


1 Utama

Day out with Erin at 1 Utama.

Went for shopping.

I like that leopard print dress lor!
But sadly out of sizes :(