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Science Project .

hmmm, studying has not gone smoothly.
Couldn't even concentrate ; went Zoukie last Saturday.  Movies on the usual weekdays, New Moon & Ninja Assassin. still haven't watch Phobia 2, no one teman larh.
i think it stopped showing alrdy -_-

anyway, helping alterego to do a science project ;

& saw this cute picture today while scoping around the streets.

strawberriesss! cute.

ok, bye ; xx.

Je Veux Ton Amour ♥

Hello blogders!
Exams are around the corner; I shall be on a short hiatus. Well lifes good, food is great, company is awesomeee!
All this aside, wish me luck for the exams :)

btw Loving my fringe? 
I seriously cannot stand having the same thing after along period of time, hence; I like to switch hairstyles, clothes, yadayada.
Might consider highlights soon tho :D harharr.


is coming back to KL! another show/rave/idontknowwhattocallthis , wheee I so wanna go. But why Life Center? The old Ruums? whyyy la, so small  -_- ish.

okay till then, bye! xx.

Outing with the girls all around KL!

Some while ago, babycally, ashleychoong and I headed down to Kuala Lumpur to do some shopping. Met up with AndyK at Coffee Bean, Pavilion for drinks. Had loads of picture but idk where they went, sigh. Anyways off to Bangsar then on for abit more shopping.
Hahah, Ashley so cute! After walking up 3 flights of stairs she was mad tired, lol.

Cally and Me .

Then dinner at Delicious.

Me & Cally : "You both got damn lot of chemistry weih" *inside joke ;p * xx.

Grandma's 80th Birthday @ Sunway Hotel.

Grandma's 80th Birthday was held at Sunway Hotel.
we were treated to a scrumptious buffet, mhmm yums!

If I could live that longggg.

Birthday cakee.

This is just half of my cousins, the rest are still at Aussie or something. Hmmm.

The girls (:

Erin, Jason & Me.


Short update!

Girlie outings with the bunchies! <3
Abigail, Cally, Steph & SarnyFarny.
HMC Ball, Roses & Secrets. @ Sheraton Imperial. Afdzal, Najwa, Steph, ChunLam, Jaafar, Loyce & Kassym.

Goodmorning Malaysia!

Our first bestie video ♥

Please dont mind the stonned faces, and the uhms & ahhs. Lol, we were lost for words! Not to mention, who has anything to say at 7am?!

my night was great tho :D & now, I shall tuck myself into bed. Goodnight to me, goodmorning Malaysia! with love,


I got no idea why, but i'm into black white dark things nowadays. no, i'm not being an emo kid.
Just a feeling you know?

Like for example *other than having really spooky evil thoughts* , Nouvelle Vague's Psyche. & I even manage to scare the shit out of myself , I couldnt sleep till 6am!  ohmygod.
uhm, btw I just downloaded Dead or Alive's ; You Spin Me. Its my bimbo tune now, lol.
I know, you're prolly thinking ; why the fark is she being so random.


& i'm on some rollercoaster moodswing(s) now, farkkk.
The day was up and down, literally. Met up with babycally at The Curve, did some bank in and errands. Had some ber-bonding time at The Library.
Wanted to drop by Ikea cause I love exploring and playing around with their stuffs lol. Its like an adult playground, get what I mean? Harhar. Anyway we couldnt make it because we went to get our hair done.
Headed off to Kota D's for Entranze grand opening. Missed the lion dance, but they had dancers performing after t…

Redbox Karaoke @ The Gardens

A six hour long karaoke session with the bunch at The Gardens,Midvalley.

It was our first time all together but I had to say, we got along just fine; almost alike taste in music and it super fun cause we didnt hold back how we felt and just screamed sang our lungs out.

baby cally and I.

Adrian, Cally, Steph, Auston.

Mr Oldies, like seriously.
24/7 all oldies.


We all started jumping and singing to NSYNC and BackstreetBoys, lol.

Did a tribute to Micheal Jackson.

Trying to learn/copy the steps.

I was even teaching him how to do the 'Thriller' dance lol!

superfun (:


Timeless beauties.

1. Bridgette Bardot - sex symbol back at the days.

2. Gemma Ward - Dollish looking features, modelled for Anna Sui.

3. Elizabeth Taylor - Very strong features. Shocked that she looked this hot back then? Haha.

4. Grace Kelly - I think I love her more than Audrey Hepburn, shes just so classy and timeless.

5. Audrey Hepburn - Style Icon! But after going through most of her pictures, I realized that I really hated her hairstyle, lol.


Jennifer's Body

am loving my new necklace <33

so yea anyways, watched Jennifer's Body today at Tropicana City Mall with leyvinkhoo, callyam and cheehong. I guess most of you all watched it already. Movie sucked but Megan Fox is the zex! mmm yums.
I can drool over her for hours, stare at her blankly and whatnot. yea i'm lesbo for her and only her hahaha lol. I'm straight all the way okay!
Just dropping in a small update. & yea my hair is black, not really but I wish to dye it jetblack again. mhmm.
gotta run, xx.


This is so effing cute! Barbie lomo cam is the loveeeee.

Heartshaped with angel wings, lovelovelove (:
what do you think? let me kno kays lovelies.


by the way anyone has songs of Psyche by Nouvelle Vague or All She Could Ask For by The Creatures?  I MUST HAVE IT.