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Teaser Post. Gold Coast, Australia 2009.

A few pictures from Aussieland.

Brisbane Wheel | Brisbane.
Smaller than our Eye of Malaysia lor. Photographed by Erin, Edited by yours truly (:

Movie World | Gold Coast.
My new love, I call him BB. Short for Bat Bear not BlackBerry, doh. I found out that I have a thing for Batman, hrmm. I love all things Batman and I damn regret not buying the Batman towel lohh !

South Lake Park | Brisbane.
Random shot, taken by Erin. I look like I was modelling the video cam, harhar.

Surfers Paradise | Gold Coast.
Sun, Sea, Beach. the loveeeees <3

Ballah Resort | Gold Coast.
Heading out for dinner at Hard Rock cafe.
On Steph : Top : Beanie & Sequin Half-Top, TopShop. Bottom : Laced Up, UberLove by Lyana. Shoes : Ruby Flats, Cotton On.
On Erin : Top : Sailor Top, MNG Bottom : Clincher, Baci. High waisted Skirt, Cotton On. Bag : Charles & Keith.

Tangalooma's Dessert | Moreton Island.
We went sand surfing here, superfun! You'll end up da pao'ing sand in places you can never imagine D: my ears, hair, nails g…

Surfers Paradise ♥

I'm getting use to the two hours time difference, Gold Coast is two hours ahead. That means I have to wake up two hours earlier -_- ohmygodd. Anyways i've been having loads of fun these couple of days, went to Movie World & Dream World; did shopping on Surfers Boulevard. Supre & Ice is the looveeee (: Steak two days straight! i'm starting to get bored of it. Heres some pictures of me , Erin & Alisha.

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil. Hahaha awesome trio ;p
Till the next updateee ! xx.

jolly ol' christmas ♥

By now, i'll prolly be on the plane flying off to Gold Coast | Australia already. Oooh I seriously cant wait to hit the beach and get a tan! (: Not forgetting ; shopping at Supre, oysters, lobsters, FOOD! and more shopping!
Will be going to Movie World, Dream World, Tangalooma Beach for dolphins, and Brisbane. Cant waitttttttt :DD
I'll be updating through my twitter : FOLLOW ME!

Not so recent picture of me, eventhough took this about 2 weeks ago. My hair colour is definitely different, the length is different, almost everything is different! I miss my long silky hair ): now its dry short and brittle. AHH THE HORROR!
So anyways, have you guys started planning for your Christmas?

I've already passed out my Gingerbread Cookies (: my first time making them, and Jess told me it tasted good *she might be lying but, oh wells* hehehe. & dont you think its super chio? Took me damn long to decorate them, cause I couldnt draw their smiles on perfectly! Basically I sc…

bloodybeetroots are the zex !

Bloody Beet Roots ft Steve Aoki - WARP.

farkkkk, i so wanna go ): howw?

♥ idkwhattosay.

EXAMS ARE OVER! for almost two weeks now ; finals had passed, enjoying my sem break, like finally.
time passes very fast; for all I know its end of the year already ): which means that I only have two more weeks to berenjoy. SO SAD.

Then I have to go back to being a nerd, book books bookkk. & snooping around the library.

MPH at  MidValley

So anyways , its almost the end of 2009 and the new year is almost here; TWOTHOUSANDTEN. I'm turning twenty next year, TWENTY! Damn scary can? No more 'teen' behind my age, more responsibilties, gahhhh!

Khoo Ley Vin ♥

I really really loved this year, I have learned so much, went through a lot, partied like crazyy, spent like mad, shopped like hell, ate like a pig, met a lot of new & influential people ;  I never dreamt that I would be doing this. 
Not to say that I didnt meet any obstacles this year, I did ; hell loads of it. But I had more ups then downs, and the ups were so high that the downs were just small bumps on the road.

CheeHong, Me a…

through the sleepless night.

5.18am took me threehours to finish this post.
pictures are unrelated to the words; i mean they arent the captions. its purely for viewing pleasure. and also because I dont want this post to turn out to be like some emo post, okehh?
& a few updates and old school pictures.

Scrolled through recent pictures I just uploaded up to the lappie.I couldnt stop smilling as I was going through each and everyone of them.

New memories that happened and might also blossom into someting in the future.sometimes I would wonder, how things will turn out to be.
Sometimes life feels like a rollercoaster, with the occasional ups and downs. Missing pieces on a jigsaw puzzle, waiting to be filled in. 

One minute you feel like your flying on cloudnine, the next you could be drowning in the deepest darkest oceans. 
But in the end of the day, you will soon come to realize that life is what you yourself make out of it. No one is able to guide you from A- Z ; there is no rule book for living life. Just clues.