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velvety loooves.

Velvet | Zouk.

and if youre wondering *cause I've been receiving mails* YES MY NAILS ARE REAL! I managed to maintain them to that length which is 3cm, but it only lasted till my birthday ; then I had to cut them all of as it was snapping.
so yea, lets continuee.

me and the boyfiee.

someone mean just had to spoil the pic  with that peace sign -__- & the boyf turns red very quickly from a few sips of alcohol. harhar :D

& I swearrrrrrrrr..

this was a pure honest candid shot, that turned out quite well ; and also look all so planned. hahaha the look on Ezra's face is golden!

cheehong, me and baby.

& this is where camwhoring begun with the girlss! heh.

yours truly, abigailthien and sarnyfarnyy :D

loving how our outfit stood out so well that night (: and fyi, NO ONE WORE THE SAME DRESS AS ABBY THAT NIGHT! she was the first to wear that out hah, take that  ;p

now with the boyyyys.

cheehong, me and ravin with his rocker sign, I wonder lol.

shameen and I. he couldnt stop playing wi

karaoke with the lovelies ;

a wonderful karaoke session with the besties at Redbox, The Gardens ; & boy were we latee. I forgot that it was a school holiday and the mall was packed, not forgetting the hunt for parking spots. 
anyways pictures!

me and seewai ;

yours trulyy ;

steph, seewai & erin ; erin looks more like seewai than me. lolol. considering the fact that shes my biological sister haha.

the four of us  ♥ seewai, wendy, erin and me.

& after the karaoke, we camwhored at every location possible! lol.

we even tried out the RM5 washroom. lols ; just for the thrill of it.

loveyoubesties! we always have loads of fun times together. till the next one; my present ;p


belated birthday lunch & karaoke session with highschoolmates.t

abbielyann, wengkit, me, waihong, auyong and kinlim. :D

the boys and me.

me hogging the mic the whole time! gah D:

abbie, kinlim and me. I just realise the TV screen behind lol, coincidence? hrmms.

It was a great time, managed to catch up with my friends. seeing whatsup with their lives right now ; I really miss them but its too bad that I stay so far away hrmms /: but more catch up sessions soon. Hehehe. Thanks everyone for coming out and for the awesome karaoke session, loves!
Picture credits : Abbie Lyann.


4Play | Zouk. 20th Pre-Birthday :D

Headed to Zouk on a Thursday night :)

BBB Fever! :DD

Cath, Edric and yours truly, Edric trying to be 'taller' than us lolol.

But in fact, he's wayyyy shorter bwahahahaha.

Me & Su May

This is where the drinking begins! & omg from Long Island, to Vodka Redbull, Blacklabel and whatnots.

Long Island Tea with Catherine.

Vodka Redbull handed by Edric.

& being forced by Marcus again, omg.

& then by Ravin, lol. I guess I had quite a lot to drink for that night.

and then all of us started to partied the night awayyyyy :D

SugaSammie & I.

Cath, Ezra & I.