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✈ Macau ♡ 2012 [pt. I] ✈

Trip to Macau last December. My first time to Macau so I didn't really expect much. Never really hear much about Macau other than gorgeous casino, milk teas and chinese food.

Nevertheless headed to the airport in the wee hours of the morning. It was surprisingly cold for like the first time in Malaysia. Seriously chilly and foggy too, must be from all the rain we had back in December.

#OOTD : Brightt lights and shootingg stars ♥

Met up with the girlfriends for tea yesterday, and was so tempted to dress up and I did! :) It's been a while and I just really felt like dolling up.
Tried pairing on florals and bright coloured clothing, mixing and matching everything!

#OOTD : polka-dotted ♡

Hello there dearies! A quick update of my outfit of the day.
Wore this lovely dress out to my mom and dads company's brunch. I had to be on my best behavior and all lady-like for the day, presentable at the most.

As usual, I didn't want to be all matchy matchy so I took the opportunity to pair this polka dotted dress by Doublewoot with my turquoise accessories! Clutch from Bottega Venetta, shoes by Tony Bianco and tiny bits of details such as a belt and necklace to compliment the whole look. 
It's always about paring the right things to go together for a full complete look!

I was ready and all dolled up for the days activities!  Now, if I wasn't attending the company's brunch, I would matched this lovely dress like this :

Who says you can't dress up with a lady-like dress? Perfect for a night out! Dinner dates to even drinks with the girlfriends. All you need is an edge, be it spikes, studs, gold embellishments etc.
So head over to Doublewoot today for some Ch…

[ADV] Casio Baby-G

Movie date today, and I wanted to feel comfortable. Nothing beats sweatshirts, legging and sneakers. But what about accessories?  I can never go a day without piling them on, but today I just wanted to keep things simple.
I definitely need a time piece that goes well with the outfit too, and matching my laid back slumber look, I tried avoiding anything too flashy but still keeping to the street style of the whole look. What better watch to pair it with than my Baby-G watch? 

looking back at 2012 ♡

I totally skipped out on last years one, so I had to make sure that I'll do a 2012 review post, like I always do for all the yesteryears.

These type of posts do bring back sweet memories.

It's hard accepting the fact that I'll be getting a year older and grow up ): But I did definitely enjoy my 2012 whole heartedly.

I did a lot of traveling in 2012, almost a country every month, mainly Asian countries, cause it's definitely cheaper, and you can just go anytime, not so much planning involved.

On the back of an elephant, which was walking up against the river tides | Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Everytime I travel somewhere, I learn things about the country, the people, the history and everything else in between. Of course I did a lot of shopping too! Making full use of the vacation hehe. Plus, I am hoping to have different things then people back home.

#OOTD : Aztec and Feathers //

So it was another lazy Friday for me. Okay, everyday is a lazy day for me, I have been bumming around for months now and it's getting boring. Shall start figuring out my next step/plan. 
Headed out for the usual tea/catching up session with the girlfriends.  But instead of dressing up all girly I decided for leather trimmed skinny pants and the boyfriends Aztec tee, paired with a bright green bangle and one-side feathery earring. Not forgetting my Raybans and got this really cool inspired Acne Atacoma Lace-Up Wedge that I had in my shoe closet since forever and finally got them out to play hehe.

Not forgetting my Baby-G (model no. BGA-140-7BDR) watch in white to match my shoes!

Loving how everything went well together, it's hard getting time pieces that will match my style, hence I usually end up not wearing a watch out and being totally lost about the time. Thank you Casio for this wonderful watch that comes in handy as it has a world time function accessible by only a click…

#OOTD : Let's get nasty!

Something new is brewing in town!
Well, it was a lovely day out in Bangsar. Did a little bit of shopping, tapas at Bodega and got my hair pampered, though the hair pampering wasn't so enjoyable -____- regardless I had a great day out.
Anyways, a new label is in town! Nasty Inc.
Outfit of the day :

Top : Nasty Inc.
Bottom : Maxi skirt by Miss Selfridge.
Cap/Snapback : SSUR.

Arm candy :

Skulls - Asos
White chain - Diva
Watch - Baby G "Girls Generation Ed."

Despite the hot and humid weather of KL, I felt very comfy in my outfit!
Why? Because the material was top notch, the top and the skirt.

Anyways stay tune for more info!

[ADV] Casio Baby-G ♡*:・

"Live your style. Follow your dream. Because you're the one who knows you best. Be tough. Be cute. Be cool." -- Baby-G.
I'm sure many of you readers are aware of my previous Baby-G #OOTD post and I am sure many of you are ecstatic to know that Baby-G has signed Korea's leading female pop group Girls' Generation as the face of their Baby-G Advertising Campaign. Each group member embodies the three different identity of Baby-G watches; tough, cute or cool.

Voting time!

Ahoy there!

I'm sure a few of you have been aware of the FHM Girl's Next Door Competition that has been going on, no?
Well, if you haven't here's the drift, 10 girls competing to be your next FHM Girl Next Door!

I am in the finals, and I would really really really appreciate if you could take 5 mins of your time to send in an e-mail to to "Vote for Stephanie Lim, for FHM GND".
It would really make my day if you could (':

Pretty pretty pweeeeease?
Every vote counts and I am counting on you guys! :D

Send an email to :-

Subject: GND
"Vote for Stephanie Lim for FHM GND"

*make sure you remember my surname "Lim", cause there's two Stephanie's in the competition*

Thank you, regardless whether you voted or not but I hope to see all of you at the finals!

Till then, xx.

party time!

Some overdued party pictures!
As usual, little captions, loads of pictures.

First up, halloween at Beerfactory.
God knows how many times I celebrated Halloween this year lol.

Manda, yours truly and Jess.

super cool face painting!
myself and Kevin.

Then it was party time at Butterfactory, my second time there.
This time with the usual bunch.

Marco and me silly face Lim lol.

Then second round at Zouk.

Chloe and I.

Finally after so long, Angeline & I.

Then it was the once in a few hundreds of years date 12.12.12 at Beerfactory with the koyak crew.

Babyboo and I.

Howie, me, Manda, Matt and Chunlam.

Girls and I. Jiayi, Leng Sean, Manda, Erin and myself.

Damn it was a fun night hehe.
Okay, every night out is fun lol.

Till then!