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tune for the day ♡

Check them out, two diff types of BPM. Depending what you're in the mood for, I love both of 'em though. Click on their Facebook/Soundcloud for more ♡

Facebook : DJ Bento

Facebook : SmithAgentSmith 

Nicky Romero // Zouk Club KL // 2013

Nicky Romero, one of my favourite DJs right now made a stop at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur. The guys were all so hyped they even bought the infamous mask he wore during the Toulouse video.

MyChocoLab ; everything sweet, tasty and yummy ♡

One of ours too! Like all of us! Tell me, who doesn't adores chocolate? What can be even better when you can customised them to the way you want them to be ; milk, white or dark chocolate base with delicious toppings of your choice. You'll be spoilt with varieties. 
This can be all possible only at MyChocoLab ♡

Firstly, all you have to do is head on to their website, and create an account. After that it is all easy breasy as you click on the creation lab and start creating your own chocolate bar! But for some of you who are in a hurry for some choco goodness, there the popular favourites bar and they're all set already so you can totally skip the creating part.

MyChocoLab only uses the finest Belgian chocolates and freshes ingredients to make your chocolate bar, one of a kind, yummy and worth every penny!

You start off with choosing your chocolate base ; choices are from Belgian milk chocolate to Belgian white chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate. I already started salivating a…

Avicii ♡ Sepang 2013

I've seen him three times in total now, never a fan of his live sets just the songs he produces. But since the ravers want to go I tagged along, it's the company that matters right? Though the ticket prices were a wee bit steep I would say /:

Myself, Jiayi and Leng Sean

Peggy, Carmen, Erin, myself and Ivy.

Erin piggybagging me hhaahaha.

Girlsssssss ♡

The guys, Louis is too short, so got cropped out a bit la, Darryl, Bryan and Howie.

Baby and I ♡

Jack, Ping and Howie.

Carmen and I.

Louis in his zone lol.

my love ♡

Guessed how much I paid for this, urghhh.

Erin, Howie, Bryan and Darryl.

Erin and Bryan.

Serious talk in motion lol.

Erin, Peggy and I.

Yours truly! ♡