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a little of what I've been up to ♡

Met up with the girlfriend for a catch up session as she has 'booked me in advance' *hahahah lol* on that particular date as both of us are always busy bees and end up postponing our playdates :p

Had a nice time talking over tapas and wine, then over to Tous Les Jours for a cheesecake tart and hot chocolate! Love how we can talk about fashion NON STOP lol.
Then it was the usual drinking dates I have with the buddies who are all so busy now with work and stuff that whenever we get to meet up it'll be filled with much more laughters and stomach cramps from all that!

Another day I headed over to Midvalley as I had an appointment there and treated myself to a day of yummy food and good wine. 

The boyfriend accompanied me for lunch, and he's back to being a camera shy guy boo!

Totally candid shot of me and I had this mischievous look on my face. Wonder what I was think about hurhur.
Headed down to Malacca for a short getaway from Kuala Lumpur with the buddies for a weekend…

of tea, pastry and fine china ♡

Finally checked out the tea set everyone's raving about at The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I've been to the hotel numerous amount of times but I never got around to having tea. 
Sometimes I just get put off when it crosses my mind about getting all dressed up in a hot humid afternoon for something of a casual date with my girlfriends, like I would really rather be dressed in sweatpants with my hair tied up then that.
Nevertheless I do enjoy having tea and pastry, so I dragged myself to get all pretty for an afternoon date at The Majestic Hotel. 

✈ Cebu ♡ [pt. I] ✈

Visited this gorgeous island of the Philippines. Was pretty stoked as it was my first time there, let alone the Philippines. I've heard tons of good reviews about the food, people and of course the beaches!

F1 Weekend ♡ 2014

Oh boy did I have so much fun during the Malaysia F1 Weekend! From Johnnie Walker's Circuit Lounge to Mscape Paddock Finale Race on Sunday, and finally F1 After Party Concert feat. Calvin Harris. I was so exhausted after everything but it was my fault as I couldn't get sufficient sleep on Saturday night which means I was awake for more than 48 hours!
Anyways let's start off with Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge.

Smile Brilliant ♡ professional teeth whitening

The average consumer does not understand how teeth whitening works. Those who are left disapointed after use may actually never acheive a white smile no matter the brand or particular product. Smile Brilliant provides lab direct, custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and whitening gel from the comforts of home. There is no need to visit a dentist and spend $600+ on the same professional teeth whitening service for something you can perform from the comfort of your home! 

I've received a LED Light + Pen kit also known as the LED Teeth Whitening System by the wonderful people from Smile Briliant . I was excited as I do have stains on my teeth that I would love to remove. A smile isn't a smile without shiny white teeth.
The LED Teeth Whitening System by Smile Brilliant is perfect for those who want great tooth whitening results but are on a budget. 

The LED system is competitively priced when compared to popular whitening strips sold at your local grocer; however, it is far more effec…

bright flashing lights ♡

It's been a while since I've posted up party pictures.  I think I kinda grew out of it but anyways here's a recap of some.
As usual less caption & just pictures of fun night outs in KL.