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Samurai Wifi // Perth 2015 Winter

Hey guys! As you may know I did a quick trip to the land down under last month to the city of Perth.
It was rather spontaneous after I got back from Korea but why not?

I was so happy to embrace the cold weather and delicious food that awaits!

Zouk 2015 ♡ Lights Out

So after a few years of partying in Zouk, it's finally time to say bye bye to the usual ol' playground. Well there's two parts to the closing but Mainroom and Phuture was the first to go and I still remember the first time I stepped inside Zouk. I felt intimidated but amazed at the same time. 
Ever then still, I love this place and it will always feel like home hahaha. I have no idea if the new Zouk will ever feel like that but I bet it will never beat the memories and epic times I had at this one.

So almost the whole world was at Zouk that night.  I didn't get to say hello to everyone but of course I was hanging out with the usual crew.

#OOTD : Lim Kok Wing Fashion Club ♡


I got to style a few pieces from Lim Kok Wing's Fashion Club. It was so amazing to see an institution focusing on their students talents!
I love how every piece has an unique approach and attention to detail.

Top from Lim Kok Wing Fashion Club.
Styled with a red clutch from Gucci and Nike sneakers.

Also, what do you guys think of my new do'? I've never had hair this short ever! Well if you don't count the time when I started growing it out of course!

With a new hairstyle which is really dramatic on it's own, I prettified it with this beautiful headband from Lim Kok Wing Fashion Club! It felt more like a crown with its gorgeous beading and jewels.
#limkokwing #lkwfashionclub #lkwcreativityinmotion 
Want to check out their collection or stay tune to their events and happenings?
Visit :

GUESS Model Search ♡

Hey ladies! You got what it takes to be the next Amber Chia or Gigi Hadid? Or do you look like Claudia Schiffer?
Then this will definitely be your thing!

Contest is open to anyone residing in Malaysia who is aged 16 and above! Excited? Join the Guess Girl Model Search and for more info, visit
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