✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. IV) ✈

Continuation from where I left off HERE.
That's the problem when you spend days in one place and takes hundreds of pictures haha.

So we moved out of Patong, the central area in Phuket and headed up north to Phang Nga for our last night. We decided to splurge and go all out. Well, it was something to do with our anniversary so I would say it was worth it!

Checked into Aleenta Resort & Spa, Phang Nga!
The minute we arrived we were greeted by friendly staffs, handing us out cold tea and a wet towel to freshen up. What a way to start our stay. First thing I noticed was that the location of this resort is a bit secluded as there's no shops around, nightlife or what so ever. So if you're staying here, do get things you might need before hand, as a drive back to Patong would set you back about 1200baht and an hours drive.

First impression of hotel grounds, BREATHTAKING.
It was calm, peaceful, relaxing. Serenity at its best. With all this I was even more excited to get to out suite! 

And when I said splurge, splurge we did. The past couple of nights we stayed at Holiday Inn Express, I loved that hotel too, clean, comfy, affordable hotel. So we saved up on that for this.

Say hello to our Beachfront Suite!
I had my doubts when I booked the room as not all turn out to look like how it is on the hotels website but this was just exactly alike. I was so impressed and in awe I just laid in bed and look out to the oceans. It was like I was dipping my feet in the cool waters already.

Just a few steps out of our door was the beach. How nice, as I don't have to walk far hahaha. I know I can be sucha lazy person at times but the past nights of partying and island hopping has really tired me out.

So we basked in the sun light for a couple of hours, I was hoping for a nice tan but still laid under the umbrella just incase I go overboard, didn't want to turn out like an oompa loompa. While the boyfriend went all out in full body spritzed with tanning oil and face down right under the sun rays haha!

When the sun started setting, we got up from our sunbeds and strolled along the beach. We didn't have to worry about our things getting stolen as the whole beach line was empty/quiet, only the hotel guest and us. It's not a huge resort so don't expect 500 guests staying at once, and it's not really small either, but you get to know your neighbors if you stayed more than a night.

See what I mean about the beach being quiet? It's basically secluded. Feels like we're on a island on our own with very little people. It was that nice getaway from the world. Aleenta is definitely the place to do that. 
But having said that, the resort do provide activities like kayaking, body surfing (the waves can get pretty big compared to Patong), and so on. You just have to ask the staffs for the list of activities. There's even complimentary yoga sessions in the morning!

Me being one with the sea. 
-- haha, I am just posing for this picture, loved how the sun was setting, the water was so cool yet not chilly. Everything was just like in the right place and the right time, for the very longest time my mind was at peace.

He was doing this the rest of the time, and he enjoys it so much. Something about the sand being so soft and how the waters temperature felt so right.
He can be weird at times hahah.

So yes, the sun was almost reaching the horizon. We ended up kicking the ball around for a while, my feet got quite achy after a while and boy was it hard running on sand! My feet kept sinking in and I had to use all the extra energy to run faster. Damnnn, my stamina level is low.

Nevertheless it was pretty fun, we had a few laughs and everyone was looking at us haha!
We're prolly the youngest couple there too, but all the other guest were super friendly and nice.
Then we just stared into the sunset. What a lovely day it was ♡

Got back to the room, took a short swim at our private pool and then a lovely bath in the jacuzzi, sipping wine and just chilling.

Changed and headed to dinner.
Since everything was in the hotel itself, I didn't have to fuss about what to wear, how I looked and so on. Every one was pretty chilled here.

Got to our dinner place and looked like most of the guest had their dinner at the hotel too. Cause really, when you're in paradise you never want to leave right?

So lets get on with the food.

Starters, I have no idea what are these as they're complimentary so I didn't know what's it called and the waiters were quite busy so I didn't want to trouble anyone. The first one, looked, felt and tasted like chinese 'mun tao' or steamed bun. Second one was something like olives, sour. Third was chips and the last one which are peanuts.

We ordered dishes to share. The menu is Thai-Fushion which worked fine for us as we've been having almost the same food daily.

Of pork, beef and fish. Everything tasted so good!
Top notch quality and freshness, not forgetting the delightful presentation of every dish.

For dessert I ordered the Lime Sorbet which was refreshing and cleanses your palate. 

Sorry for the grainy pictures. I didn't dare using my flash as the tables were all quite close to each other, and I didn't want to disturb the other guests. It would've been rude as I am just a normal staying guest haha.

After dinner we both adjourned back to our suite. Well there's nothing much to do at night so we just chilled by our suite with the glass panels open looking out to sea, watching movies and falling asleep next to each other.

I shall continue day two in the next post! This has been a lengthy one already hahaha.
The next morning and day in Aleenta and so on. If you like the pretty pictures here, wait till you see the day after. It is gorgeouuuuus :)

If you're planning to book a stay at this gorgeous hotel, I booked my nights stay at -> CLICK HERE.

Till then! 

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