✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. V) ✈

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Last day in Phuket and I get to wake up to this magnificently stunning view!
This is what you get when you stay in Aleenta Phang Nga, Phuket. 

I really don't know what else can beat waking up to this.
The sun, beach, ocean, right infront of me. It's like waking up in a dream, if that even made sense.

You get up from bed and you walk out to your patio, and just taking it all in.

After a phone call made to the restaurant, you'll have all these delivered to you!
Yes, our breakfast, freshly made; delivered right till our table on the patio overlooking the gorgeous view. 

At first we thought of heading to the restaurant for our buffet breakfast, thank god for laziness (works this time! hehe) we decided to order in. The selections on the menu for ordering in, definitely looked little, more like sad as you only get to pick three things off it, while the imagination of what buffet breakfast could be like; if you get what I am saying. 

Only to be shocked with everything they brought for us.
From appetisers like cheese and prosciutto also known as parma ham, to pastries toast and jam, and fresh fruits!

Then we had our own types of eggs, his was the omelette while I had scrambled eggs. For mains he ordered the udon while I had teriyaki chicken rice. Oh I forgot! We even had cereals and fresh fruit juice, and even tea. Talk about a heavy breakfast!

Having breakfast fit for a princess!
I really felt pampered every minute I've spent at Aleenta.
Everything was so worth it. The journey there, the cost and so on.

After breakfast, we continued chilling at our patio.
This time it was at the beachfront. 

Then we moved on to the beach for some suntanning.
Essentials for tanning, sunblock, cap/hat, tanning oil, wine, water, book and iPod.

The view of our villa from the beach, minus the boyfriends head haha.
I had a heavy heart as I was leaving that afternoon sighs.

If you read my earlier posts about this place, you should know by now that the beach infront of Aleenta is really secluded hence you have the whole stretch of beach to yourself, minus the guests staying here.

The sand is so fine you feel like your stepping on cotton when you walk on it.

This is my super artsy shot! Haha.
Just kidding, it's an upclose shot of how fine the sand is & how blue the water was when I was there.

A very happy, carefree me!
Loving the sound of the waves crashing, the heat tickling on my body, the wind in my hair.
This was the view I was looking at, no need for any green background or photoshopping.

Look at the wonderful sun rays, major love for this place. 

After our sun tanning session, we headed to the spa.

Quick freshening up session and then we had to head to the airport.
I really didn't want to leave this place. It's a sanctuary, heaven for me. Glad to see the boyfriend actually enjoyed the peace and serenity this place brings. You just seem to forget about the world and its worries when you're here.

So I guess it was goodbye then, and I will definitely return soon!

I was pampered the moment I stepped into Aleenta till the moment I checked out. Service was top notch from the reception to the housekeeping and so on. I seriously cannot stop raving about this place.

A little tip from me, as I stayed there during peak season we paid about RM1300++ a night, but if you get it off peak, the room we stayed in will only costs you RM700++. That's half the price! So do check out this wonderful resort if you can. It's an hours drive from Phuket and a taxi would costs you about RM100 to get here. So plan your trip to Phuket wisely and I hope you have fun like I did :) 
Have all your fun on Patong beach and stay about 2-3 nights there so you can do island hopping easily, nightlife is all in Patong so is shopping then only move on to places like Phang Nga, where Aleenta is, or Surin etc. 

You can always check out the other post from this trip to know more! 

Till then!



Huai Bin said…
Wow this place looks awesome! :)

I've been to a lot of nice resorts in Phuket with their own specialties (e.g. largest water park with longest water slide, Club Med with the GOs interacting with you etc) but this looks nice for a serene romantic getaway!

P/S - Love your ball cap. :)
stephiielim said…
It is awesome! I was worried at first too (especially when it's a huge sum of cash to cough up), and I didn't really read many reviews/articles about the place. But I was so pleased. The place is great to relax, chill and just spend quality time with your love ones.

Hahah thanks for that! Got it in Phuket (:

Rubel said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi, may i know which room of the beachfront suite you stayed in? i believe there are other beach front suites which dosent really have a nice view. may i know the room number ? would help truckloads!
stephiielim said…
Hey there, I don't remember but all the Beachfront Suite is right infront of the beach with a same view :)

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