✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 [EOTY pt. III] ✈

Continuation from HERE.

We went on an island hopping day trip as we had a free day in Phuket.
This time we took the Coral Island package. We wanted a quieter beach, a better snorkelling experience and just a chilled day on an island.

Left early in the morning and realized the skies were a tad bit gloomy. We got kinda worried about the weather but decided to just enjoy it as it goes.

So we booked the whole boat to ourselves as we didn't want to wait around for others, and we could move freely around different sections of the island.

Half way through we realized that the waters out there were really really rough. It got a bit scary.

Morning sleepy faces.

Finally we reached our destination, it was beautiful and gorgeous! Fine sand between my toes, cool calm waters. The skies were still a bit gloomy couldn't sun tan as I hoped to but it was all good.

But my guy friend was still afraid of getting tan lines! 

It was just nice as it wasn't as packed as the other islands I know of so we had ample space to move freely and sun chairs to chill on. We had our lunch at the restaurant at the hotel on that island and it was superb, sadly we were all too hungry I didn't manage to take pictures of the dishes. We had the usual Pad Thai and Fried Rice which was very flavorful and delicious!

After lunch we went swimming, and lounged around the beach.

A perfect day for those who didn't want to get tan lines.
Not so great day for people like me though :(

Nevertheless me and the boyfriend did some exploring on our own, climbing on rocks and looking for interesting sea creaturesss.

A touristy picture with the clear emerald colored water!

We went for snorkeling at the bays nearby, it was way better than Phi Phi as there was a wider range of sea life compared to Phi Phi. Eels, starfish and etc was seen around the coral area. 

After a whole day of island hopping we decided to indulge!

Checked out one of the top restaurants on Phuket called Baan Rim Pa.

We passed by a wall filled with certificates awarded to said restaurant.
Trust me, my expectations were high for this restaurant!

We were seated nicely at a corner by the beach. What a chilling atmosphere with the waves crashing on the sandy beach.

*sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera died on me*

There's a set menu and an ala cart menu, we decided to go with the set menu as there was eight of us in total. We ordered some extra side dishes through the ala cart menu.

All in all, it was truly an authentic experience with friendly waiters all around plus heavenly authentic thai food! Everything was up to par and oh so delicious. We enjoyed our time indulging in the fantastic dishes while having such a beautiful setting around us.

After a wonderful dining experience we headed for some Thai massage nearby.

Since it was the King's birthday there wasn't any bars or clubs open that night we called it an early one and headed to bed.

Woke up the next day for brunch at one of the infamous Pad Thai restaurant.
Just located behind Holiday Inn Express we went by foot.

It was packed with people!

Waited half an hour for a table *it was swarmed with people!*, and finally got seated.

While we had to wait for our food... 

Erin, myself, Howie and Louis.

Finally our dishes arrived and we just gobbled down everything, I honestly don't know if it was the hunger kicking in our the tasty Pad Thai that got to our palates.

We spent the afternoon doing some last minute shopping and massages, then it was finally time to hop on our taxi off to the airport. 

Phuket airport is really really small, so if you need to get something please get them before you head to the airport. You can only get snacks, light meals and finger food at the airport. Thai massages costs more at the airport too. 

So it was bye bye Phuket and hello Kuala Lumpur!

Fun rollercoaster trip overall. For more posts check out :

Hope you enjoyed my posts!
Ask me if you need any tips or suggestions and I'll be glad to help.

Till then, xx.
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Carmelatte said…
It looks amazing x just reminds me how badly I want to go to Thailand!
stephiielim said…
Hi Carmelatte!
It is amazing, do check out my other posts if you do for tips and tricks about Phuket :)

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