✈ Melbourne ♡ Stereosonic 2014 Day Two ✈

So I finally got time to write about day two of Stereosonic, if you missed out on the first part of my epic spontaneous trip click HERE.

Day two and I was so excited cause I'll be able to see Calvin Harris OHMYGODDDD.
I wonder how am I gonna feel a few more years down the road reading this lol.

Anyways, as usual, we definitely didn't make it there early so we headed to the Armada stage first. It was definitely so much colder today plus the top I brought totally didn't match the shorts I brought plus it was too cold for a tube top anyways. Had to steal one of Erin's cropped top for the day.

Spontaneous trip is fun, but no to limited luggage space, although I enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to worry or wait for anything.

Anyways day two had acts like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Andrew Rayel, Steve Aoki, etc.
If you followed me on Instagram, you'd probably seen some of the vids I've posted there already.

We also managed to catch some ravers all dressed up in costumes!

Like these guys from the Hangover.

Sadly not many dressed up this year, for some reason the hype was definitely not there. Maybe cause I didn't have my PIC there or I don't know. But don't think that I did not have my fair share of fun! Hehe.

The crowd was certainly more on day two compared to day one, no idea why though.


Calvin Harris!

I liked the fact that his set was during the evening, meaning I at least get to see him clearly as I have night blindness and no I do not wear contacts.

He was so.. perfect!
Haha, no I am not being bias but his set was great, no kidding.
As good as he was years back when I was there. (For old post click HERE)

He played Summer (which I went crazy, as he didn't play it during F1 Afterparty in Malaysia), Blame, Outside, Bounce, Sweet Nothing, Awooga. I mean it's nice to watch DJs who produce their own tracks play their own songs as compared to just other DJs as festivals like these, even more so with a span of two days, you would hear tons of songs being repeated! Like I've heard Sky Full Of Stars so many times! 

So many Malaysians. Some came for Stereo just like me, some studies there, and some, just on holiday? Haha.

We skipped Tiesto as I've seen him so many times for Andrew Rayel, which is one of the trance DJs which I can at least layan to & because the boyf is a huge fan of him.

The night ended perfectly with melodies to my ears, but the cold was so unbearable I almost died of hypothermia (okay, it was not that cold but look at what I was wearing) ! Melbourne weather is certainly unpredictable.

After a train ride back to home, I was ready to crash and canceled all plans for the night while the rest went for an afterparty at Crown. Boohoo, such an Aunty right but I at least had fun during the day especially during you-know-who's set hahaha.

Will blog about the trip soon!
Till then, x.


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