✈ Da Nang ♡ Vietnam 2014 [pt. V] ✈

It was our last night in Da Nang, and it was an overall very relaxing vacation.
Compared to cities like Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang had a more relaxed vibe to it. Less traffic and when I was there (December) the weather was rather chilly. Would go back one day during summer or hotter days so I could enjoy their beaches then.

We moved back to the city center and stayed at Minh Toah Galaxy Hotel.
It's pretty new so everything was clean and nice.

Loved their pool and gym too!
Too bad I didn't get to swim as it was cold so I headed to the gym, been eating so much my body screamed for a good work out.

We took a stroll to a mall nearby.
And walked passed stadiums and parks.

Then we went back to Madam Lim for dinner as daddy wanted to try other dishes.
We didn't mind cause the food was really really good.

What we ordered.
The oysters was a bit of a let down, but not cause it wasn't fresh or anything bad, but just cause it tasted rather normal haha. But everything else was on par or just really yummy! Couldn't get enough of the clams and spring rolls though.

Then after we headed to Drink Drank Drunk bar for some cocktails before calling it a night.

Pretty chilled place. You would see the locals, mostly youngsters visiting that joint after 10pm.
There is a club in Da Nang located at Novotel but sadly it was still under renovations when I was there so this was the second best choice although there's a few other bars around the same street but this one caught our eyes with it's colourful lightings and ample space. While the rest were more cramped and packed. 

Had this concoction of ginger, midori and vodka.
My dad's brilliant choice as we all hated the taste of ginger in our drinks, it was so spicy! haha.

After finishing that we headed back as we needed to pack.

Then it was check out and off to the airport the next day!

You can check out my other Da Nang post and where to visit when you're around.
Will visit again soon!

Till then, x.


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