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The first few days of 2009

And it was fun!


To busy losing money to blog -.-

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year will be in Kuala Lumpur this year, again.
So yea.

Till then... You're gonna see a new me!
Hahaha in terms of appearence lah.

I cannot tahan this hair colour already.
To auntycommon -.-

Okay gotta go.
Nak tidur awhile and then suck blood at night.

New Years Eve's Outing.

To start off my New Years Eve, I had a short get together session with my two hunniebuniedarlings which I havent met for ages! You know why? Cause they are sooooo BUSY!

Ms. Low See Why?
With her sour plum face cause she cant drive! Nyeknyek ;p
But aha! Ms. Wandarr can be her all time driver! Muahaha *laughs to herself evily*
Lunch was at Cova :)
My new spot!

Had the Grilled Chicken Breast with Asparagus.

I love my hairband which I got kinda long already but had no chance to wear.

And for dessert was the Chocolate Filling Mooncake!

Then we girls did a little shopping..
Around MidValley

You know lah, sales everywhere!

And tried on shoes..

Note to See Why?
Please dont buy any heels more than 4'inches.
You know why? Cause you cant walk and you might fall on your butt!
Like you almost did then! Hahahah ;p

After our Mid Valley session the girls had to rush off and drop me over at my boyf's place cause they were rushing to meet my sis Erin over at TheCurve haha.

This is my friend, her name is Muka Tem…

New Years Eve

New Years Eve at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound.
Other than the normal countdown celebrations it was also Amah's Birthday.

Amah and Marshy, with some slashed out YanWei and Carlston.
The one and only Carlston Lim Mun Huo.

Babe Jacklyn was there too!

Phang, Me, Baby, Tony.

Carlston and Baby.

Then the party got started.
Lol, we all got really high on the booze!

Some ghostly hand behind me, lol.

Me and baby then celebrated our anniversary as well!

Marshy was damn high already, haha.

Me and my babes.

Seriously you'll always see Jac carrying her own bottle of alco.
Hence my baby tried to snatch it away! Haha she freaked out lol!

Howard and baby


I wanted to check on how Marshy was doing cause she sorta KO'ed ad and I was also slightly tipsy, moved over to the sofas and chilled there for awhile.

Camwhored abit too ;p

The guys went to get the car and I brought Marsh over to The Deq with Jacs help of course!
Waited there for the guys to come.

While waiting, Marsh was being damn funny.

M: Hey.. Who …

Just another week..

I've finally got my colleges schedule done, yay!
The timing is annoying! And for no reason the parking lot is always full from Monday to Thursday but effing empty on Friday. Why ah? HELP students busy clubbing on a Thursday?

Yesterdays outing was supposed to be either Zoo Negara or the National Science Center but something came up so the four of us, Marsh, YanWei, Smurfi and Me had dinner at Chiong Qing at Subang.

More pictures are on the way!
Hahaha, see im being an efficient blogger now!

& thanks for all the wishes people.

Massive Worldwide.

Music was good, people was okay, place sucked?

I mean its too small, and I personally think that it wasnt even organized in a proper way! People can just walk out and sell their tickets then come back in.
Thats why when we got there, there were so many people coming up to us, trying to sell their tickets -.-

Anyway we got the VIPs one for RM69 and last minutely!

Before we headed down to KL..
I did my makeup and was busy getting dolled up while baby was sleeping.

We headed down to KL around 9'ish.
Waited for the whole bunch to come.

YanWei, Baby, BenBen.

Smurfibie and me (:

Muscle man YanWei and his beau Marshella.

Ben, Carls, and Bii.

Me and Carlston who disappeared for ages!

Me and Eve.
The whole night, she forced me to drink. Non-stop okay!

Loon and his chick.

Me and my wacky sunglasses.
For every rave i'll get a new pair.
Hmmm, i'm currently liking the lips haha. Since i've never seen anyone wearing one of these here!

Stephiielicious and Marshilicious, lol.

Gabby, Stephy and Marshy

One …