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I couldnt help it, I just love the aviators on my baby ;p

Baby I lovey you!

Next post will be about my valentines, then Afdzals bday, then poppy, and poppy and more poppy. Lol.

Results are out tomorrow!
Prays hard*

Second coming back party for Daryl.


The title says it all.
So for the second night in a row after Phuture, Zouk. He chose Poppy (: His favourite dohh//.

The usuals were there Bryan Beng Bao, Benny Yap, Miss Sue Anne, Collinboo, Stephiiebie, Daryl, etc you get the picture. Oh bumped into MayGin and Xiao Xian as well (:

Not gonna type much, pictures will do the talking.

Part two coming up...
My internet connection is damn slow ): Gah!

Late nights fun times.

Friday was spent at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Stayed over at Nikko.

Went shopping at Pavilion, STAGE was having mega sales! Ooh i'm so in love. A pair of ALDO's can buy three Steve Maddens/JLo.

*happy happy*

Then me and babypooo had Sakae Sushi (: Later at night it was Poppy.
Gah, didnt expect to bump into that somebody.

Saturday night was at Poppy, with some classmates and my babes. More pictures on the way, i'm so lazy la. One month hiatus.

I so wanna blah right now 'bout that somebody. But i'm still having a hangover from last night, brain cant function. Next time then!


//. Edit edited

usual RM79

Prices are negotiable (:
* p/s : If you need more I can get more *

Selling Knight Castle tickets!

Time: 7.00pm till 3am
Date: 25th April '09
Venue: Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

Prices are yet to be confirmed, I have two ticket in hand only.
Private message me for details & prices are negotiable.

Hurry up for this great oppurtunity! As the prices will be cheaper than normal

Random lahhhh.

Just to show you that i'm only human.

I do take damn chou tut pictures at times too ):

Goodnight loves.

Colourful prints.

An extra picture of me and them girls from my camera.

Have been spending loads of time with my dearies this few days. We'll mostly more with See Wai since she's working at One Utama.

So last Tuesday we accompanied Erin to the saloon for a haircut.

And See Wai got hers as well (:

Curve after that for some grocery shopping!

Third semester.

I'm finally done with my third sem at college. One month holiday for me! Woohooo!

Ooh Marshy, YanWei, Jac and the gang came over for the OUG's night market yesterday. Joined them with babybhoo, sadly we spent to much time talking we hardly had anytime to walk around -.- The shop closed at 11pm.

Theres always a next tho!


Someone help please?

Happy Birthday Ms. See Why?

Now everyone shout with me..


So yesterday after my CTS exam, I rushed home cause my two darlings were already waiting infront of my house.

The went shopping at Bangsar earlier and Wendy's car was filled with goodies!
So fun, but boohoo. I'm stucked with exams!

So they came up to my place, talked, camwhored and they showered *your home is my home policy* Haha.

Exibit A.Name : Miss Wandarrr.

And of course, the Birthday Princess!Ms. Low See Why?Omg then the photo session got crazier and crazier.

This is how excellent Wendy is at taking pictures.There's even a shot of my floor -.-

Guess where's Wendy?

I seriously dont know what the hell I was trying to potray.dotdotdot//.Oh wells.

Then we left to the Curve.
Had TGIF for dinner, birthday girls choice (:

This is a damn close shot!Oily faces. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk.

After dinner we walked down to the car park, and camwhored some more!

Gosh seriously I miss you guys so much!All the crazy picture sess…

Stress is killing me!

Woohooo! * I just manage to catch a breather *

All the wonderful wonderful pictures are yet to be uploaded and boy oh boy isnt college just killing me.

Can die.

First we found out about quizes. Then suddenly assignments and reports started pilling up. After that presentations. Lastly, FINALS.
Week after week after week.

Stress kao kao /dotdotdot//.

Some pictures of my dear presentation.

Plastic surgery harhar.

Oh well.


I'm so pissed at someone right now.

Like seriously.

First he joined my team.

And all he did was boss everyone around and ordered people to do stuff.

I dont mind really, it makes everyone work harder and it also helps by rushing people for the dateline.

But, when we asked him to do his part, which was creating the slides.

He sent a text message..

" Hey i'm quitting the group and joining another one.."

Like what the eff?!

It was a day before the presentation!

Seriously weih! No freaking responsibility!

Sumore he is like the smartest/nerdiest in our class but he is so dam…

Small updates!

The internet is being a bitch. So sorry for the lack of updates, finals this weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY See Wai! My lovely best buttie for years now. Wish you all the best and that your mum takes you on a crazy shipping trip! Harhar ;p I'll see you on Saturday okay! Mwah.

Before I go, Vodafone F1 Mercedes party at Le Blanc.

More to come! Loves!


Me and Daddykins went for the McClaren F1 Party at Le Blanc Club at Heritage Row last night.
Was hurrying with my makeup and so , till I realized I lost my lash glue. So I had to like use the one SeeWai and Wandarr gave me for my 17th birthday.

The Shu Uemura one. Seriously its like damn precious to me lor! I still remember the time they came over my house, went to my room and hid my lashes! OMG! But tell you dears what, I will wear the diamonde lashes you gave me, on my 21st Birthday okay? Its just two more years and it'll be damn special. Cause for now, I dont have any really special occasion to wear it too. Alrighty? So yea, the party was held at Le Blanc club at Heritage. Munch on all the starters and sipped champange (: Didnt eat much tho, they were serving up scallops and all but I was to busy walking around! Heh. More and more people start coming like Pedro de La Rosa, Winnie Loo, Ella, Ning Baizura so on. Had a great time and I even bumped into Madeline! Pictures will be up soon yea?


GG Session @ Delicious, One Utama.

Few weeks back, met up with my darlings at One Utama for Gossip Girl Session. Gossip, gossip, gossip. Damn juicy one lor! Hahah :DD

We went in Charles & Keith.. Fran : Eh babe, take pic take pic! Me : Huh.. Wait ar.. Thats how the whole camwhore thingy started in Charles & Keith. My new loooooooveeeeeee! All new bags and shoes are from there Y

Ken's Back! Arrival party @ Phuture, Zouk